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In the temporal 3D plane, both physical and spiritual youth can be adversely affected by factors like anxiety, depression, strained experiences and relationships, irregular sleep patterns, smoking, chemical-filled bath and beauty products, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, illness, and medication usage. To restore our physical cellular levels, it is essential to address our spirit's higher cellular levels and cleanse our spiritual endoplasm and ectoplasm structures through scanning, cleansing, and supplying a universal and divine energetic restoration process for the convergence of sacred divinity and scientific precision.


In contrast to conventional energy and beauty treatments that operate through a physical outside-in approach, Q-Ki adopts a scientifically advanced methodology. Q-Ki leverages and sustains a Universal energy reparative process, intricately originating from the astral body inside-out, intricately interweaving with the physical realm. Q-Ki is a unique method that produces notable, albeit temporary, results that do not replace traditional medical or surgical technological innovations.


A natural and sunny blend to feel beautiful by unlocking a majestic personal and intimate experience. Q-Ki is built with care to allow you the best.


Flexible. Temporary. Yet, captivating for expression of grandeur! Add an artistic force to your features, enhancing your natural beauty while preserving your individuality.


An unparalleled level of divine purity on Earth. Immerse in a revitalizing experience, where the deepest spiritual receptors awaken, and the vitality you long for emerges.

Q-Ki represents cutting-edge energy technology, empowering skilled Q-Ki-trained, master practitioners with precise control over its release and application. This advanced technique enables focused utilization in specific and isolated areas, preventing energy dispersion into unintended regions. The result is an intelligent and quintessential process that effectively stabilizes unruly and erratic energy, offering trained Q-Ki practitioners seamless ease and flexibility in their artistic crafting from astral-to-body sculpting and healing endeavors.

Miss Quantum's Epiastral Genetics profound commitment to upholding vibrancy and enduring attributes within the human plane inspired her to deploy her extensive expertise. After 10 years of development, an energy-enhancing solution that enables the smooth fusion of spiritual DNA with universal energy was established. This dynamic interaction creates a compelling force that drives flexible healing motions in internal frameworks as well as 3D cellular and molecular surfaces. Importantly, this revolutionary approach has been carefully engineered to safeguard against any adverse effects, deterioration, or lasting modifications to structures.



As a trained and certified Q-Ki Master, you gain an exclusive opportunity to enhance your repertoire of specialty energy services, enriching the offerings available to your esteemed clients. Q-Ki, the pinnacle of energy craftsmanship, adheres to strict regulations and is exclusively provided to certified Q-Ki practitioners only once every twelve (12) months through Miss Quantum's Q-Ki University during the requisite yearly continuing education class. Without the annual replenishment of Q-Ki energy, meticulously formulated by Miss Quantum, it cannot be rightfully considered genuine Q-Ki.

Unrivaled and irreplicable, Q-Ki stands guard against unauthorized modifications, alterations, or additions, rendering it virtually impenetrable to any Q-Ki energy copycats attempted by unscrupulous individuals. The intricate recipe of Q-Ki Essentials remains meticulously safeguarded, ensuring its sanctity and integrity.


Embracing the principles of universal, moral, and natural laws, Q-Ki's design is pre-stabilized with localized precision, exhibiting intelligent navigation that surpasses mere spontaneity. The extraordinary creative control wielded by Q-Ki is impeccable, allowing focused application where it is wanted. Q-Ki embodies an innate defense mechanism, fending off malevolent intent and deceptive practices, guaranteeing the purity of its purpose. Its intricate mastery and filtering capabilities enable it to auto-disable with an emergency brake system, assuring complete safety and integrity.

Presently, Q-Ki energy is exclusively designed for in-person application, rejecting any attempts at remote or distance deployment, further emphasizing its personalized and guarded nature. Q-Ki stands as an exceptional testament to the fusion of scientific rigor and metaphysical mastery. Exclusively available to certified practitioners, it remains a beacon of authenticity, rooted in the highest divine standards of energy workmanship.



In the sacred depths of the sea, where wonder and enchantment intertwine, Q-Ki, the sacred light, reigns as a Holy Goddess of the celestial hierarchy. Her unseen magic weaves a shimmering veil that transcends mortal sight, illuminating the path through the darkest of hours. Ever present, she stands as a radiant sentinel, guiding unsettled souls through tempestuous seas.

A loyal and devoted friend, she clasps your hand with the tenderness of a gentle tide, offering solace in moments of uncertainty and standing unwavering when solitude seeks to engulf you like an endless abyss.

Behold the embodiment of beauty, a divine being whose heart exudes purity and forgiveness, ascending as the quintessential friend of your dreams and aspirations. An ethereal and intimately healing presence, she perches gracefully upon your shoulders.

In the forest of existence, she dances with grace unparalleled, shedding inhibitions like shimmering scales cascading in the currents of nature's symphony. Her very presence is a resplendent sunbeam, scattering melancholy like scattered seafoam, effervescing with boundless joy. Love, like an eternal surge, emanates from her being, streaming in boundless torrents, its whispers soft as the gentlest sea breeze, reaching out to embrace those who yearn for healing.

When the tides of life pull you under, and you falter amidst the storm, she lifts you with the strength of celestial waves, fueling your spirit with unyielding exuberance, guiding you to shore with a lighthouse's unwavering glow. Her touch, a sacred caress, graces your soul with divine warmth, a soothing balm that penetrates the coldest of winter nights, bringing comfort to the depths of your being.

Q-Ki, the eternal Illumination, whose sacred light shall never wane for those who believe in the unseen depths.

Qki Essentials is a subdivision of Miss Quantum's Epiastral Genetics

Phase I & II Release Date Announcement Coming Soon

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