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virtual presentations available during covid

Miss Quantum will shake the attention and participation of your audience and keep them on the edge of their seat, or on their toes! There are several foundational keynotes that Miss Quantum delivers and each topic can be customized to your audience with a mix & match. If you do not see what you are looking for below, no problem - Miss Quantum loves to take on new, BIG, creative challenges! So EASY to work with! A personalized presentation can be created that is exclusive for your event only.  

Jay, Harper College | Wojcik Conference Center


Exemplary leaders continue to make the decision to bring forward the best version of themselves to life everyday and set the the example that awakens and stirs the desire in others to emulate their actions. Miss Quantum challenges everyone to critical thought; What happens when the choice is made to not do, over to focusing onto the positive and upward mobility outcomes if they do. The audience will leave with an empowered understanding to create enormous success, fulfillment, and rewarding experiences for their clients, their business and themselves - regardless of what the others think, say, or are doing! Powerful principles that will help you overcome all sorts of obstacles on the road to success and the tools to take personal responsibility with a smile.


Being a great leader is not just for those who are running a business. It's also about being a great leader in society, and at home with our family and friends. The world is changing and it is changing fast. With the increase of leadership positions taking place in the world today, both online and offline, Miss Quantum offers insight on why certain angles of positive leadership are failing, and pinpoints why more humans in the world are suffering a show of mental illness because of it, and what can be done to repair it before it is too late.


20% of everything you do is responsible for 80% of your life successes and Miss Quantum shares with you how to beat the odds, no matter what they may be, and how to get where you want to be.

This is a very intense and impactful presentation with no fluff and no painting the turds pink. Miss Quantum explores self-profitability techniques that are essential in establishing strong focus, habits, values, and character for success in todays world.

She includes plenty of tools, audience interaction and stories from her own jawdropping and eyebrow raising experiences to help others understand how to keep moving forward with self-love, forgiveness, and a healthy acceptance without any of its dead weight holding them back ever again.


1. Positive messages about some good changes to be grateful for in these difficult and uncertain times. 2. Special reminder that your survival rate, so far, is 100% (and that's not changing!) 3. Seeing the message meant specifically for you in a time of crisis. 4. Why and how you must plan for the worst-case scenario (with Miss Quantum's own personal examples) 5. How the energy in faith plays a role in planning. 6. Why you must accept that you cannot control the sea and learn what you can control. 7. How to take a personal inventory and why it's especially necessary right now. 8. How and why so many diseases could be avoided by reducing stress and anger. 9. The ways in which Miss Quantum sees how life can be different and will better due to current conditions.

I sat down expecting to hear basic strategies every speaker seems to talk about  but left with unique knowledge I didn’t know I was looking for. Not easily done, but she really moved me! Powerful messenger and one I'll keep following & watching.” - Adinah G.

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