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Training the mind to not expect people to stay in our lives is paramount. Expectation is a lead cause in disappointment. When we get something at the store it's not proven its value & we expect it to break soon. If it lasts it's surprising, a bonus. Value follows proof. - Miss Quantum


Nearing 50 y/o, I assure you that one of the top skincare tricks for younger looking skin is staying very playful and keeping it a top priority to feel happier than any adversaries who desire to trip you up and take you down. - Miss Quantum


Males have called me too wild-spirited, man-hater, damaged goods, b!tch, the c-word... and in my mind it always translates into "You don't need me to control you or validate your existence --and that really scares me!" - Miss Quantum


'Separating oil from water; learning discipline & structure to partition off emotional center fractals from the intellect is a major component that turns victims into survivors, and graduates a survivor into being a resilient fighter for situation-championing.' - Miss Quantum


"A lover of amorous words who kneels down for a casualty of inaction is destined for a fruitless ripening to become its sacrificial pig." - Miss Quantum


"Whether science is right or religion is right, we all come from the same source." - Miss Quantum


"The carousel horse steady on the gold pole is the most breathtaking, tame & overlooked; it's usually chosen by someone very special who is worn out from the ups, downs & knocks all the others offer. Your romance is nearing." - Miss Quantum


"Generally, how difficult the efforts are to win them over now are in direct proportion with how complicated it will be for a third-party to swoon their heart later on when they're with you." - Miss Quantum


"Trade 'busy' for 'purposeful' to create & strengthen for upward mobility. Place the Holy Lord before everything you do and may the sun shine on your back." - Miss Quantum

"Growth is realizing that you are done being a muse within the poetry and are ready to be the heroine of a story." - Miss Quantum


"Most people wait on karma to dance. That's cute." - Miss Quantum

"Carry unpredictability, curiosity & might in your bones. Learn and accept the complex lessons woven into your soul. strength is not slaying your demons, it's about making them kneel." - Miss Quantum

"Before covering another's eyes, always be certain if you will need two or three hands first." - Miss Quantum


"If I don't like a date, I'll order filet mignon, pronounce it 'Fill-It Migg-Non' & obsess how starved for 'Fill-It Migg-Non' I am even after correction. Interject weird, false facts about Fill-It Migg-Non into convo, No call backs, works every time." - Miss Quantum


"In the turbulence of foolery, err & childish play is where the risk to dare presents. It's appalling, absolutely terrifying & the radical price tag required for any sense of peace." - Miss Quantum


"At some point, they may poke and jab a sharp stick at you, foolishly when they think you're down; evoking a fractal of you they may have heard about, or read about, and never thought they'd ever live to see. Always patiently observe more than you're observed." - Miss Quantum

"I just want to jump into a pool of warm nacho cheese dip and nap." - Miss Quantum


"Timeless in age by comparison, imagine a moment if The Lord was at least half-loved by the fair-weathered and non-believers as Notre-Dame is." - Miss Quantum


"Such an unwealthy lunacy to surface-think the maniacal deep that makes love with the terrain of the sea." - Miss Quantum

"Don't fight to keep anyone who doesn't place genuine efforts in wanting you to stay." - Miss Quantum 


"The long road to success is ALSO about proving that those who believe in you are absolutely brilliant!" - Miss Quantum


"Here is a rule I go by: when a woman talks crap about another woman and she tells me 'you don’t want to talk to or deal with her', I make a point of establishing an acquaintance. It took years to realize that this is woman code for 'authentic, badazz, strong woman.' - Miss Quantum

"So all I'm saying is that going back to someone that keeps treating you like crap makes about as much sense as repeated walks to the fridge to check if the sour milk is still curdled." - Miss Quantum

"When you are the reward and there is no gain or reward for you, come to a complete stop." - Miss Quantum

"Don't be an Eve. Be a Lilith." - Miss Quantum

"Not everyone's allowed past your surface thoughts, in your heart, or inner circle that hasn't earned it. Not everyone that gets chased is because they're cared about & adored, Be the hard catch; the oiled pig, shiny juicy apple at the top of the tree." - Miss Quantum


"Fear' is an alert system w/in our survival instincts designed to 'poke' us to evaluate w/ heightened awareness & caution before proceeding. It's a 'yellow traffic light' & too many construe it as 'stop' because this is also exactly when our insecurities bubble-up." - Miss Quantum


"Once I had a nightmare that everyone liked me. It was awful." - Miss Quantum

"A terribly riled woman is one who is escalated in awareness, concentrated, and does not verbally speak for several days on end."- Miss Quantum

"I like to take advantage of weekend drunk Twitter before they sober out and go back to knowing I'm not funny at all on Monday." - Miss Quantum

"Allow others the freedom to run the whole nine yards with how dense they may think you are." - Miss Quantum


"Ladies, date a few men, increase your value. Stop waiting around like a milkmaid hoping to be chosen - be the powergirl who chooses." - Miss Quantum

"Smiling reaches a state of notable winsomeness only when bloomed by veritable sincerity and artistic zephyr of the soul." =Miss Quantum 


"When the one who always forgives no longer forgives, that's a major statement." - Miss Quantum


"I do these super-weird things called reading, studying, research, analyzing, re-reading, re-studying, re-analyzing, and thinking for myself." -Miss Quantum 


"Always keep one eye on your friends, two eyes on your enemies, and three eyes on the Trojan Horse they must pack up and roll up in to pit against you." -Miss Quantum 


"Many tired, firecracker souls also know how to reboot themselves by deriving an extremist pleasure basking in their enemies dissatisfaction. The greater the dissatisfaction, the greater their reboot becomes. This places ones enemies in a very awkward spot." -Miss Quantum


"Being an honest model of femininity & gentility values always remains most blessed. The Divine feminine to the Divine masculine is a powerful gift, ranking a most intense superiority in its natural mystique & soft form. Plan birth, be a loving mom, celebrate being a lady!" - Miss Quantum 


"Others will drill it into you to 'not settle', you 'deserve more' - to a point you may get stuck in total loneliness & despair not even knowing what that is. Determine your own bridges. Make good choices. Live. Don't allow your home to become a house, and then your tomb." - Miss Quantum


"The thought seldom crosses my mind. More often than not, I hardly think of the before, the me before the pain that existed so long ago seems to be a figment of my imagination. But as I sat across the table from a dear old friend from ago, I was reminded." - Miss Quantum

"Consistent, a love that is not occasional or situational; That person who wakes up Thanking God for you and proves it by valuing you with devotion, patience, and by creating a peaceful Home out of the Haunted House in your heart, don't let them go." -Miss Quantum


"Beware in standing too close to your 'love-bombers." - Miss Quantum


"She's the girl who slipped in shit and came out smelling like roses." - Miss Quantum


[*Quote originates from Miss Quantum's aunt while on her deathbed: "You're forever my favorite, you're the girl who slipped in shit and came out smelling like roses.")

"Not all bad goes punished and not all good is rewarded. In fact, not enough good is rewarded or [hardly] appreciated at all. At all." - Miss Quantum


"Some situations require turning your back on everybody." - Miss Quantum


"Can't set much terror into any human being with threats of a hell who are already constantly having to navigate and acclimate to the unbridled, soul-harrowing flames in the underworld on earth." - Miss Quantum


"Knock-off the flirting with married people. You can be kind w/o pressing to get another's spouse to think you’re - "better." Be confident, you don’t need special attention of one who doesn’t belong to you. Commitment is tough enough w/o you nosing-in. Respect relationships." - Miss Quantum


"Sometimes others will attempt to make you feel like so much is wrong with you the more you make right with you. If you're a 'triple-threat,' it's itchy, but exactly the journey you are here to adventure and experience to grow. Laugh them off, it's rough, but you've got this!" - Miss Quantum


"Do not dare cater to those who may whisper and chant for your death by suicide. A great wrath of the most fierce hail will befall upon their head for the thoughts and action doing so. Each. One. Of. Them. Live to watch it." - Miss Quantum


"Took a long time to realize the longer I pretended to like others to make them feel better, I liked myself less. We become ensnared into a 'fake world' by the reality we create from 'inside-out.' Be true either way, it's up to you." - Miss Quantum


"In darkest moments our stories are found unmasked, raw & real. Teaching it's okay to be broken; Opening our arms & limping into our best values, moving alongside pain in the uncomfortable we are gently nudged in our heart, into love, to move forward into who we really are." - Miss Quantum


"If you really, truly believe that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery then you must also accept that litigation is the most heartfelt appreciation and thank you that there is." - Miss Quantum


"Some only hear love with their eyes. Some only see love with their ears. Lovers in their home embrace will both listen and view, to envelope and deliver with their soul." - Miss Quantum


"Don't sit on your hands. Say something. Make it critical." - Miss Quantum


"After the storm - dust settles, you must see through the debris; There will be an indescribable quiet. You'll put broken pieces together. You'll roll up your sleeves to renovate, resurface, polish & paint yourself. You'll pull through & eventually experience beauty in your mess." - Miss Quantum


"Stop whining, complaining and sniveling! No one is going to hand you over any power---- you just get up and go take it!" - Miss Quantum


"The point is, no one is ever going to be satisfied with every decision you make - or most. You just cannot make decisions based on the feelings, thoughts and opinions of other people – it’s your life and you have to live with the magnitude of your own values and decisions." - Miss Quantum

"Be honorable, value your commitments. When you give your word, keep your word, maintain an oath. Make it last longer than a vaccination." - Miss Quantum


"Most often, those most in need of some sort of enlightenment tend to have a preference for the nuances of the dark." - Miss Quantum


"When good, he's Cartier, when bad, he's Dickier." - Miss Quantum 


"That huge roller coaster you wanted in the backyard when you were a kid but instead you found it in their kiss." - Miss Quantum


"Long, long ago I realized that if everyone liked me I was nowhere even close to maximizing my potential." - Miss Quantum


"Changes make a difference and sometimes you have to re-learn how to love other people after finally figuring out how to love yourself for the first time in your life." - Miss Quantum


"When a human being possesses the wherewithal to entirely manipulate a situation so things will construct to their liking - they also have the full ability to behave lawfully, right & correct." - Miss Quantum


"When you're ready to face and swallow your pain you'll gain a healthier perspective & think with less distortion. Personal responsibility is key. Blaming others who hurt you won't help with meeting any of your needs, having a healthy love relationship, or in finding yourself." - Miss Quantum

"Peace doesn't come by an absence of conflict or strife, it just comes with an increased ability to deal and cope with it." - Miss Quantum


"Just because someone accepts you as you are does not exactly mean that improvement should go flying out the window at the speed of light." - Miss Quantum


"Just the facts: when someone is taking care of their own rent or mortgage and taking care of all of their own bills, they can afford to rebuff your approach." - Miss Quantum

"Insecurities are still not in-style to wear on the sleeve like a badge of honor and will still make you seem like a big juicy steak in the middle of a forest for hungry predators on the hunt." - Miss Quantum 


"Do not split your face in two." - Miss Quantum


"Circular reasoning, bad juju: Scrambling to make another human being your unicorn who will rescue and save you from yourself." - Miss Quantum


"Learn to enjoy dating and the experience of getting to know someone. Stop trying to turn a f#ck into an immediate marriage proposal." - Miss Quantum


"Protect yourself. You will not ever have sex with someone that is so good that it is worth dying for." - Miss Quantum


"Many are misled by the mental health claptrap that they have low self esteem & this is why they end up in bad or abusive relationships. When really, many with healthy self-esteem only must increase their own human value, self-worth that is placed on themselves. Big difference!" - Miss Quantum


"Protect your time and energy by only giving your compassion where compassion is authentically deserved. It is absolutely not warranted for everyone and everything." - Miss Quantum


"When you feel so very certain of your own self you may be perceived as snotty, arrogant, or stuck-up. This is such an unpardonable quality to those who are not sure of themselves at all. Do not worry about it, you can't change their filters." - Miss Quantum


"Alright, so you've had a lousy past - maybe you are ashamed and made some poor decisions. It's alright, we all have. You have another chance - you haven't failed. You only fail when you refuse to get back up to stand again." - Miss Quantum


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