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"Whether science is right or religion is right, we all come from the same Source." - Miss Quantum

"Maturity is knowing that you are ready to be the heroine of your story and that you are done being a muse for another's poetry." - Miss Quantum

"Conflict and turmoil will always exist; peace and happiness are simply the results of being better able to confront and cope with it." - Miss Quantum

"Keep childish play, curiosity, and force in your bones! Recognize and understand the demanding lessons and spiritual debt that belongs to your soul! Strength is not slaying your demons, it's about making them kneel!" - Miss Quantum

"Surface-thinking the deep blue that makes love to the seafloor is such a poor form of insanity." - Miss Quantum

"After the storm, the dust settles. You must fix your eyes to see through the debris; There will be an indescribable quiet. You'll roll up your sleeves to renovate, resurface, polish & paint yourself. You'll pull through & eventually experience beauty in your chaotic mess. Then, it'll happen again to find the next best version of yourself. This is growth." - Miss Quantum

"Not all bad goes punished and not all good is rewarded. Sometimes, with great misfortune, this accounting goes toward the Spiritual Debt we carry and must pay in to clear or balance it out. Maybe it's from earlier in this life, a former life, or possibly 300+ years ago. We all have it." - Miss Quantum

"If you really, truly believe that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery then you must also accept that litigation is the most heartfelt appreciation and thank you that there is." - Miss Quantum

"Be honorable, value your commitments. When you give your word, keep your word, and maintain an oath. Make it last longer than a vaccination." - Miss Quantum

"Being an honest role model for feminine and gentile ideals will always be most blessed. The Divine Feminine to the Divine masculine ranks the most profound excellence in its natural mystique and fragile form. Prepare for children, be a devoted mother, and enjoy being a gift!" - Miss Quantum

"Others may repeatedly tell you what to do to the point that you could become hopelessly alone and despondent without ever realizing it. You must select your own bridges. Take actions that grow you, not slow you! Continue living! Don't invite your home to become your tomb!" - Miss Quantum

"The fact is, neither most nor all of your decisions will hardly ever be approved of by anyone. It's your life. And in your life, you have to deal with the consequences (or rewards) of your own actions. They don't. You simply cannot base your decisions on the feelings, thoughts, or values of other people that have formed them through their own (often limited) experiences and perceptions." - Miss Quantum


"Training the mind not to expect people to remain in our lives is crucial. The leading cause of disappointment is expectation. We assume that anything we buy at the store will break quickly because its value is not established. If it endures, that's a bonus. Value follows proof." - Miss Quantum

"Can't set much terror into any human being with threats of a hell who are already constantly having to navigate and acclimate to the unbridled, soul-harrowing flames in the underworld on Earth." - Miss Quantum

Males have called me too wild-spirited, man-hater, damaged goods, b!tch, the c-word... and in my mind, it always translates into "You don't need me to control you or validate your existence and that scares me!" - Miss Quantum

"A lover of amorous words who kneels for a casualty of inaction is destined for a fruitless ripening to become its sacrificial pig." - Miss Quantum

"The carousel horse on the steady, gold pole is the most breathtaking, most overlooked, and underrated, It's chosen by someone unique who is worn out from the ups, downs, and knocks all the other rides have to offer. Your romance is nearing." - Miss Quantum

"In general, the harder you work to win them over now, the harder it will be for someone else to swoon their heart later, while they're with you." - Miss Quantum

​ "Exchange "busy" for "productive" to improve and invite opportunities for upward mobility. Put God first in all that you do so that the sun always shines on your back." - Miss Quantum

"Before planning to cover another's eyes, always be certain if you will need two or three hands first." - Miss Quantum

"If I am not enjoying the date that I am on and do not want a callback for a second, I'll order Filet Mignon, and pronounce it 'Fill-It Migg-Non.' I'll continue to rave on and on about how starved I am for 'Fill-It Migg-Non,' even after being corrected. Works every time!" - Miss Quantum

"The risk to dare through new experiences is the extreme cost necessary for any sense of serenity." - Miss Quantum

"My dream is to jump into a swimming pool of warm nacho cheese dip and nap on a tortilla." - Miss Quantum

"When you are somebody else's reward, and there's no reward in it for you, come to a complete stop." - Miss Quantum

"That man of mine? When good, he's Cartier, when bad, he's Dickier." - Miss Quantum 

"Not everyone who hasn't earned it is allowed past your surface ideas, in your heart, or in your close group. Be the hard catch; the oiled pig, or the shiny, juicy fruit at the tallest point of the tree. Not every person who is pursued is being sought because they are loved and cared about. Stop being a low-hanging fruit! - Miss Quantum

Fear serves as an alert mechanism for our survival instincts. It's intended to "poke" us into evaluating with more awareness and prudence before moving on. Too many people misinterpret this "yellow traffic light" to mean "stop" because this is also the time when our most irrational fears tend to surface. Move through it." - Miss Quantum

"I once had a nightmare that everyone liked me. It was awful." - Miss Quantum

"Single Ladies, go out and date a few men to increase your worth. Be the power girl who chooses instead of standing around wanting to be settled on like a stale milkmaid." - Miss Quantum

"Smiling reaches a state of notable winsomeness only when bloomed by veritable sincerity and an artistic zephyr of the soul." - Miss Quantum

"I do these super-weird things called reading, studying, research, analyzing, re-reading, re-studying, re-analyzing, and thinking for myself." - Miss Quantum

"Always keep one eye on your friends, two eyes on your adversaries, and three eyes out for Trojan Horses that might roll up to pit against you." - Miss Quantum

"The thought seldom crosses my mind. I hardly think of the before; me before the pain that existed. It feels like a figment of my imagination. But as I sat across the table from a dear old friend from ago, I was reminded." - Miss Quantum

"Adore the friend who gives thanks for you and consistently demonstrates their appreciation by staying true, patient, and helps to transform the haunted house in your heart into a lovely home." - Miss Quantum

"Don't stand too close to the 'Love-Bomber' unless you're well-guarded against explosions." - Miss Quantum

"Be the girl who slipped in sh!t and comes out smelling like roses." - Miss Quantum

(Quote originates from Miss Quantum's aunt while on her deathbed: "You're forever my favorite because you're the girl who slipped in sh!t and came out smelling like roses.")

Sometimes, others will attempt to make you feel like so much is wrong with you the more you make right with you. If you're a 'triple-threat,' it's itchy, but exactly the journey you are here to adventure and experience to grow." - Miss Quantum

It took me a few decades to discover that the more I forced myself to like other people in order to make them feel better, the less I liked myself." - Miss Quantum

"Our truths are revealed naked, raw, and honest in our darkest days. Parasitic influences in our modern-day human society deceive by trying to pound subdue messages into vulnerable human minds that it's "okay" to be "broken," and that trekking against the Highest Universal and Divine Principles is acceptable. This is not an advancement into the truest, best versions of self, it's devolving and invites parasites into the spirit." - Miss Quantum

"Some only hear love with their eyes. Some only see love with their ears." - Miss Quantum

"Don't sit on your hands when you witness an injustice! Say something! Make it critical!" - Miss Quantum

"Those most motivated for some sort of enlightenment tend to have a preference for the nuances of the dark." - Miss Quantum

"Long, long ago I realized that if everyone liked me I was nowhere even close to maximizing my potential." - Miss Quantum

"Changes make a difference and sometimes you have to re-learn how to love other people after finally figuring out how to love yourself for the first time in your life." - Miss Quantum

"When a human being possesses the wherewithal to entirely manipulate a situation so things will construct to their liking, they also have the full capability to behave lawfully and properly. It's choice." - Miss Quantum

"That ex of mine? Before I walked out the door he told me that I would never find another one of him. I told him that's the whole point!" - Miss Quantum

Publically expressing insecurities makes you into a huge juicy steak in the middle of a forest for a bunch of hungry, prowling animals. It is neither safe nor fashionable to wear your heart inside-out on your sleeve like a badge of honor. - Miss Quantum

"Do not split your face in two." - Miss Quantum

"Learn to enjoy dating and the experience of getting to know someone. Stop trying to turn a f#ck into an immediate marriage proposal." - Miss Quantum

"Protect yourself. You will not ever have sex with someone that is so good that it is worth dying for." - Miss Quantum

"Many are misled by the mental health claptrap that they have low self-esteem & this is why they end up in bad or abusive relationships. When really, many with healthy self-esteem only must increase their own human value and self-worth that is placed on themselves. Big difference!" - Miss Quantum

"Express compassion when it is legitimate and not an act to 'fit in.' Safeguard your time and energy resources. It's not warranted for everyone and everything." - Miss Quantum

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