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Last Updated: 07/23/2022


Except for where it is specifically stated, owns all of Miss Quantum's written and copyrighted content, videos, and photographs, and is protected by Copyscape. 

Without Permission

  • Link to or any content area on the website.

  • Miss Quantum's original quotes with © credit to Miss Quantum. May not spin/reword quotes or poetry from the original to steal credit. Miss Quantum quotes and poetry are © 

  • Re-post less than 100 words onto any other website with a link back to the website content.

  • Printing posts for non-commercial publication must include this copyright notice: © 2022 MISS QUANTUM. All rights reserved and originally published at

Must-Have Permission

You must have Miss Quantum's express written consent to do the following:

  • Use site content for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of content. 

  • Usage of video and audio clips of any size or duration, not excluding stills, owned by from A Redemption Show, The Miss Quantum Show Podcast, or/and any other Miss Quantum video and audio clips on any website (personal or public domain), social media, podcast, news, etc. 

  • Alter, transform, word-spin by self or via an online article spinner, or build upon creative works in any way.


Re-posting and Translation Rights


Miss Quantum DOES NOT permit the re-posting of creative writing or any verbiage in its entirety. Google penalizes websites for duplicate publishing content. It often can’t tell which website hosts the original content, so getting penalized for granting any permission is risky.

​Also, Miss Quantum DOES NOT allow the translation or publication of creative writing or any verbiage in languages other than English. Miss Quantum doesn't have the time or the resources to validate and approve of the quality of the work.

If you have any questions or special requests that you would like for Miss Quantum to consider, please do not hesitate to contact.

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