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Success is a Choice

Understand that success does not happen by chance. You do not wake up one day and suddenly find yourself financially free. You do not wake up one day and find yourself at the top of your career.

It just does not happen this way.

Yet, many people leave their success to chance and just 'hope' it would happen someday or think that it will just happen if they leave it all up to God, or by wishing on a star, or by tossing a bunch of pennies into a fountain, or, or, or.....

Success is the result of first deciding on exactly what you want.

It is the result of setting a specific goal today and taking actions every day towards that desired outcome. Every step you take towards that goal is counted as a 'success'.

For example, if you want to be financially successful, you have to decide on what it means to be financially successful. What is the specific outcome you want?

Is it a a net-worth of $1 million in 3 years, or to have a passive income of $20,000 a month?

The very moment you set that goal and start to take action towards it, that is when your journey of success is in progress.

To ultimately reach that goal, you have to succeed in taking daily actions towards it.

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