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How Language Influences Achievement

Usually, a quick tweak in our mindset (and attitude) can make a significant impact on how things turn out for us. Your communication style between you and others has an effect. It involves intentionally making the choice to stop saying the things you don't want and start stating the things you do want.

Faith is having confidence in the best and going in that direction. Rather than posing the question, "What happens if they don't respond?" begin to question, "What if they do?" Rather than posing the question, "What if they say no?  Ask, "What if they say yes?" Instead of asking , "What if they leave?" Instead think, "What if they stay?" Instead of asking, "What if everything doesn't work out?" Ask, "What if it does work out?"

Your mind will shift and draw you in that way once you start thinking and saying what you genuinely want. Often, all it takes is a small word change to reflect your attitude and philosophical stance. Others' behaviors and actions may even be greatly impacted by the language we choose. 

"I have to have $20 for something", the kid tells the parent.

That's not how we ask for money around here by demanding it, the parents may respond.  

It's inappropriate, but asking how to work to earn $20 might do the trick!   

You cannot get an apple from a tree that hasn't been watered. You can get a tree to produce the apple you want after you do. If any of this concept is not understood, it is simple to fumble through life. Then, as a consequence, you must deal with all the limitations and difficulties.

This process of changing your communication structure can begin whenever you want.

Any individual who engages in an intensive, rapid self development curve can learn the disciplines. Your attitude, behaviors, and outcomes can be severely influenced by the words you choose to use!

Will you be paying more attention to yours?

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