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Enough of Parental Entitlement

Your child is not anyone's responsibility but your own--- and you ought to not expect that every stranger you run across in public will think your kid is adorable enough to watch after and keep him or her safe for you.

There are countless examples of similar parental entitlement-mindedness; Parents bring their child(ren) into a public setting & refuse to #supervise, #correct or #discipline, and/or attempt to quiet them when they scream & cry. Parents will shove their shopping carts or strollers in front of others in their path and cut them off sighing with exasperation and indignation if they, #God forbid, ever have to wait their turn like everyone else. These parents end up outraged and appalled if someone doesn't express the utmost admiration for their child(ren) or receive any concession just for having them along.

Parents must understand somehow that they are not the first people to have a child(ren), or to go shopping with, or grab lunch with, or travel with a child(ren) in tow. In the realm of 90+ billion other human beings have managed to do all of these things since the first human society was formed and they've been doing them daily since.

Manners and social #mindfulness stretches a long way. Watch your kids and teach them how to be patient, socially considerate, and mindful ---- they are learning from you. Stop being #lazy.

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