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Attitude Matters

What we know has a big impact on our life because it influences the choices we make. We are impacted by our feelings in the same way that our knowledge has an impact on us.

Attitude generally focuses around the emotional issues that impact our existence, whereas philosophy mostly deals with the rational aspect of life—our knowledge and thinking techniques. Our philosophy is formed by what we know. Our attitudes are shaped by how we feel about what we know.

Emotions, like thoughts, have the power to either lead to success or failure in the future. Our attitude is made up of the thoughts we have about other people, our jobs, our houses, our finances, and the environment in general. People can move mountain ranges if they have the appropriate mentality.

One of the cornerstones of a good life is having the correct attitude. We must therefore regularly evaluate how we feel about our position in the world and our possibility of achieving our goals. We must face our concerns about the upcoming years and decades to come, as well as our past and present, in order to forge the greatest future.

The Past

Harnessing the past as an educational tool rather than a weapon is one of the greatest ways to deal with our feelings about it. Punishing ourselves for failures, flaws, failings, and misfortunes leads nowhere. The experiences of the past, both positive and negative, are all a part of life.

It is simple to let the past control us. The excellent news is that we can also effectively use the past to our advantage by accepting it happened and valuing ourselves more.

Our feelings of regret, shame, guilt, and bitterness will keep us from using the chance we have right now to create a better future until we have fully embraced the fact that there is nothing we can do to change the past. We must accept it so we can change the direction of the future. 

Right Now: The Present

Our brighter future begins in this very instant. We have a wealth of memories and experiences from the past, and we now have the option of making the most of them in the present.

Each of us will experience 1,440 minutes or 86,400 clock ticks today. The same 24 hours of opportunity are available to both the affluent and the impoverished. Nobody stands in time's favor. Today simply declares: I am here! How are you going to handle me? How will you use me?!

The Future

Our vision on the future is influenced by our attitude. Every one of us possesses the innate capacity to envision, create, and experience the future through our ardent imagination. The mind is capable of creating most everything it can conjure up in its imagination.

The mind has an innate understanding of how to execute the miracle of prosperity, just as the body has an intuitive knowledge of how to carry out the magic of health. But if it doesn't think you deserve them, it won't produce wonderful benefits for you. Which takes us to the start of improvements. A crucial step is accepting and clinging to the past and establishing a more enlightened view on the present, which will bring about favorable results in the future.

The Attitude You Have About Yourself

The amazing thing is that we all possess the psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and imaginative power to accomplish anything we could dream of.   Simply put, we need to be more conscious of everything we currently have and spend more time sharpening the person we are right now so that we can put it to work for us.

A defeatist attitude toward oneself is what prevents us from realizing our own capacities and skills. Why is it that we are so willing to understand the worth in others but so slow to accept it in ourselves? Why are we so quick to acknowledge the success of others yet so reluctant to accomplish the same for ourselves?

We can choose how we view ourselves.

The knowledge and understanding of our own individuality are two areas where we cannot win in the long-term by falling short. If  we do not truly know ourselves, we cannot feel better. Because we wouldn't ever doubt our capacity to produce a better future if we truly knew who we were—our strengths, capabilities, depth of expression, vitality, and special skills.

Each of us is exceptional. Nobody else in the entire world is quite like us. We are the only ones capable of performing the unique tasks we perform. And we do things distinctive. We might not receive notable honors or widespread appreciation for our efforts, but we all make contributions through family. community, friends, etc. to make the world a better place, whether it is realized, or not.

Developing a fresh philosophy about the value of every human being, including ourselves, is the first step in changing how we feel about ourselves. The majority of us never make an effort to stop and appreciate things we accomplish each day because we are too busy living our lives. Simply said, we don't regularly appreciate ourselves because we aren't always aware of ourselves. Self-awareness is a crucial piece of existence. We start to make better judgments for ourselves and about ourselves as we gain more understanding of who we are. And as we've just said, as our choices get better, so do our outcomes, and as those outcomes get better, so does overall mentality, or attitude.

Controlling Attitude

The beginning of personal change is inside each of us. We are all masters of a great deal. We all want our efforts to yield beneficial results. However, many are unprepared or unwilling to devote the effort and make the sacrifices demanded for progress and happiness. It all begins inside of us, it is not found outside of ourselves.

Each of us has the capacity to utilize our unique human potential to achieve the desired outcome. But our attitude is the one factor that establishes our possibilities, establishes the degree of activity, and determines the quality of the output we accomplish.

Nobody else on Earth has responsibility over our attitude. People can influence our attitudes by instilling unhealthy thought patterns in us, unintentionally offering false information, or exposing us to destructive influences, but no one has the power to alter our attitudes.

Nobody else "upsets us." When we let go of control over our attitudes, we become unhappy with ourselves. Many make excuses that they are "just a moody person" - this is a scapegoat and one who has lost the dominion over their mindset.   It doesn't matter what someone else may have done. We are the one that chooses the final reaction . People just put our dispositions to the test. We have failed the test if we choose a volatile attitude by showing wrath, anger, jealousy, or suspicion. Again, we have missed the mark if we judge ourselves by thinking that we are undeserving of more.

We must take complete responsibility for our own emotions and guard them by being mindful of them if we want for a better future. We must be able to recognize that feelings that have the potential to shift our attitude and either take us down the wrong path or propel us forward with confidence into a beautiful future.

The most significant decision we have as members of the human race must be exercised by keeping complete mastery over our attitude if we are to reap the benefits the future has in store for us.

Your attitude is a strength and a priceless treasure. Guard it. Develop it. Cradle it. And you'll receive the future benefits that you want for yourself.

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