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10 Tips For Cool Manners

Some people may deem the rules of etiquette to be a bit outdated and old-fashioned! Good manners never go of style! Enhancing your self respect, respect to others and mindfulness is always super-fantastic. Manners are cool!

1. - Never drop over to visit someone's house without calling them first. We already know that most of us cannot stand when it is done to us, so be mindful and communicate with them first.

2. - Take off your shoes by the front door after stepping inside. There are those who do not care if you wear shoes in the house - and there are people like myself where it makes us want to pull our hair out if someone takes a step into the house with their dirty, germy shoes that walked outside and on the floors in public places.

3. - Do you love calls at 7 AM or midnight? I don't either. Stop calling people before 9 or 10 AM unless they tell you to---- and stop calling people that you do not normally talk to after 9 PM (some people it's 10 PM) ----on Sunday night, make that 7 or 8 PM. Most people like to chill out and unwind without interruptions - also, they like to keep their phone quiet during certain times so they know that anything that comes through is an emergency only to answer. This is not an "old fashioned" thing - people of all ages do this. Always ask people when you get their number what time is alright to call them. Never be afraid to ask these things.

4. - Do not explore or go into other people's bedrooms or dens/office's without their permission while in someone else's home. Just----NO. Be a nice guest. Know where the line in the sand is. Respect the space of others. Stop peeking in their medicine cabinets; If you have a problem with people going in yours and you are fed up - place a several ping pong balls in your medicine cabinet.

5. - Notify the person behind you before leaning your seat back on an airplane.

6. - Hold the door open for the person behind you. If you have to wait a few seconds for them to approach and reach for it or to walk through it as you hold it open, please do so - have some patience and manners. Don't be rude.

7. - Do not leave an umbrella wide open to dry to a home or office. Many people are very superstitious about this and believe in bad luck with an opened umbrella indoors. If not, hardly anyone wants their floor to become wet. Either way, it is very rude. Close it up and hang it on a hook or ask the host/hostess what they'd like you to do with it.

8. - Do not put purses and handbags that were out in public or in the car on the kitchen counters. There are so many germs, bacteria and viruses easily transferred - do not place them where you prepare your food. Most certainly, never put shoes on the counter either.

9. - Always make it routine to knock before entering a room with a door that is closed. Even if it is your kids---unless it is an emergency or safety issue, there should be no reason to not respect privacy! As soon as they enter elementary school, always ask permission to enter. This way, they will do the very same for you. This is a very important part of manners and respect to teach a child(ren) - and they will teach their kids the same in later years. Help teach a generation of good manners.

10. - It is appropriate and just fine for ladies to wear their 'decorative fashion hats and gloves' at a religious service, movie theater, restaurant, and events. Just be sure that the hat is not blocking anyone's view from behind. Baseball caps and mittens should always be taken off indoors no matter what - these are not considered 'decorative fashion hats and gloves'. At work, dress code is dress code and your employer has their own rules to follow.

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