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There's fragility in life. Use free time meaningfully. Time is not to be taken for granted. Hug your family and friends tighter and step out of comfort zones to envelope those who may have none. Work on relationship building. Tell others you care. Make up with those you've fought with and spread love. Use free time kindly and meaningfully. Learn a skill and grow. Make someone's day. Treat yourself well.

- Miss Quantum

We frequently allude to life as a process, journey, an exciting ride, a lengthy, difficult experience, and so on. Be that as it may, we don't stop and set aside the opportunity to consider what this truly implies or what these representations forever all share for all intents and purpose.

Change: You Can Make It Fun!

These things all change rapidly and frequently out of the blue. A thrill ride begins gradually crawling up the incline at that point gets speed as it dives down. It wanders aimlessly. It goes topsy turvy then right side up. Now and again they are smooth rides and some of the time they shake you on the route to the bitter end. An adventure can mean such a significant number of various things to such huge numbers of various individuals.

A voyage can be brimming with cross streets, parkways with long open streets, extensions to cross, passages to experience, deadlocks, byways, mountains to climb, the most reduced of valleys, horrible snow or rain storms, clear bright days, pitiably hot deserts, and excellent desert springs.

Wouldn't it be pleasant to know what lies ahead on our way? In the event that we knew we could maintain a strategic distance from the terrible and just push ahead toward the great.

Tragically, life doesn't work this way.

We need to take the awful with the great. However, we need to remember that the great wouldn't be as incredible in the event that we never encountered the awful. The account of our adventure wouldn't be as energizing without a couple of obstructions. A thrill ride wouldn't be as fun in the event that it just went 10 miles an hour in a straight, boorish, ho-hum line.

Change is a process. What's more, knowing and tolerating that change is unavoidable may help to at any rate make the erratic more unsurprising. When we begin to consider change more as far as this progress or move, it winds up simpler to hold up under. Individuals frequently feel like change is something that transpires. Well a progress is a move that you make on by and by; it is a move in your activities and additionally your mindset.

When you see change beginning to happen it is an indication that you have to make this move. It is an indication that you require push ahead or let go of somebody or something.

Presently I would prefer not to downplay this progress idea.

It very well may be troublesome and frightening and the feelings you may feel experiencing this can shift. You may feel unverifiable, lost, and awkward, however, you are responsible for the progress instead of being controlled by a stunning change.

What's more, these feelings should be felt and discharged basically with the end goal to clear a path for new vitality; for who you will end up after the change. Change is brisk and physical yet progress is slower and more about attitude. Basically, you need to enable your brain to get up to speed to your body when things begin to change.

Give yourself a chance to make up for lost time with the outside world. Control what you can (yourself) and do your best to move with the high points and low points of what you can't control (the back and forth movements of the outside world).

So the unavoidable question is ... so what steps do I take to make an effective change?

All things considered, the initial step is experiencing a time of vulnerability. Grasp the obscure. You may know you have to make a change however you don't exactly know yet the course you are going. You understand your arrangement has changed however you don't yet comprehend what it has changed to. This is the key defining moment in your voyage. This is the point at which you have to give your mind a chance to make up for lost time with your body. Give your attitude a chance to make up for lost time with the real world.

This is the place of potential and opportunity.

The place that enables you to make sense of what is at the center of your identity and what your wants are, without all the additional distractions. Move your focus...

Since you have grasped the obscure, you should move your center (begin the progress). Quit considering changes to be a misfortune and begin concentrating on the open door you can make from the obscure. Perhaps you just got let go from what you thought was your dream job. You feel like a disappointment and that life won't show signs of improvement from here.

That is the stun of progress and the obscure conversing with you ---however

this is the place you have to begin concentrating on the open door that this presents you with.

You likely have a bigger number of choices than you might suspect right now.

Begin to poke at these choices. When you advance back and take a gander at the circumstance as a progress that you can control you may begin to see that the job you just lost was not your goal or dream. Your dream and goal is to accomplish something greater with your life. Perhaps, to have your own business might be. Whatever the case, when you quit concentrating on the issue and begin concentrating on the arrangement you start to get yourself out of the mess.

You start to define a thought of where you intend to head straightaway. In this way, the following stage all the while if making sense of how to get this going. This is the point at which you have to make an activity plan. Work out all that you have to do to influence your new goal or your progress to occur. Try not to forget any detail, regardless of how little.

On the off chance that getting up at 4am to conceptualize is basic for your prosperity, put it on the rundown. On the off chance that you have to go to the gym each night to clear your head and begin crisp, put it on the rundown. Remember that you might not have every one of the appropriate responses at this moment. Your arrangement and your thoughts will start to expand on itself once you kick it into high gear (this is the snowball impact). The key here is to just begin, regardless of whether you don't have every one of the appropriate responses right now, they will come.

Presently you know precisely what you have to do. That horrendous change that appeared as though it was the apocalypse is currently only a relic of times gone by. Only a minor hindrance on your approach to some place better in this apparently endless voyage of life.

Grasp the adventure!

All in all, what is the response to the topic of "how would I consider changes throughout my life as a progress that I can control?"

Grasp the Unknown. Move Your Focus. Gauge Your Options. Figure out Where You Will Go Next. Make an Action Plan. Furthermore, to wrap things up, embrace your journey!

Remember — there is no obvious disappointment in change, it prepares for something better. Open the limitlessness within you.

The human personality and character is a ground-breaking weapon!

Indeed, it's the greatest weapon on the planet. It's the manner by which we have possessed the capacity to be the most overwhelming species. At the point when utilized appropriately it can enable you to show anything you need throughout everyday life.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

“Mom, the other kids say my forehead is big and poke fun at me.”

“Honey, God made it that way. They're probably just jealous of you because they are all the same.”

Ahhh…good job, mom!

“Mom, the guys in school don’t ask me out because I’m fat & I got pimples.”

“Sweetie, God made you exactly how you are supposed to be, and if anyone can’t value that, it’s their loss entirely, not yours”.

Ah-hmmm, a bit of a stretch, I suppose if it prevents her from having self esteem issues, alright.

“Dad, I’m never going to get that advancement at work I want.  They've hinted to me that I’m too outspoken and rough... like a brillo pad.”

“When God made you, son, he made sure you were given a unique and very special personality.  Just push yourself to be comfortable with being different and what can anyone else really say about that? God made you tough for a reason!”

Ouch! That’s pushing it.

So how did 'God made me this way, so it all must be good'... become the ultimate excuse for our lack of discipline? 

Yes, kids must understand they are beautifully made, however, I've got for those of us treating this "God made me this way" stuff like security blanket.

God didn't make you this way.  You did it!  I did it!  We did it.

Automobiles do not roll off the assembly line with the side mirror being held on with duct tape, or the fender hanging on by a cord, or the hood looking like jalapeno cheese. The individual responsible for the automobile after buying it rocked it out.

The very same goes for us as human beings.

God really did have an amazing plan when it was decided to put us together in the womb.  Plans for future and a purpose! A stellar marvel masterpiece! And then we put our human paws all over it and then, whoop!---- the decline begins ...

We rub our life up against the “I just don’t feel like having any sort of disciplined filter right now” wall and prefer to just shrug our shoulders and say-- “Well, gee-wiz, God just made me this way. so if it wasn’t meant to happen...” 

We cram our face 3 miles down into that half-gallon of triple-brownie ice cream and then we pacify ourselves with 'Well. See. God just made me this way, otherwise I would have been born with a much faster metabolism'.  We utilize this pitiful excuse casually and drink it down like a shot to toss back anything whenever we're confronted with the results and reality of our poorly disciplined lifestyle and choices.

We were made for MORE, but we use this very "God excuse" as a total cop-out to stay as we are. 

The super fantastic news?  Just like a really cool car that gets messed up, the Lord is a beautiful help at restoring.  A car enthusiast can come along to help assist us in a repair, paint & fix up.  We weren’t JUST made to have "potential"---- no, no-no-----we were made to be kinetic.

That my dear friends, is exactly how GOD made YOU----and the fabulous outcome is worth the price of YOUR discipline.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

Admittedly, I am an introvert - an ' often friendly, sometimes-very social type of introvert who delights in hiding away from other people,' if that makes sense. I do enjoy what I consider to be an 'unhealthy amount of solitude' by getting lost in my creative outlets, listening to music, drawing, writing stories or poetry, and reading books. My curious mind seldom wants slow down. Much of the time, I must force it to.

Being an introvert like this often tends to feel more exhausting than when I am always on the move. Can you relate?

So as a reminder to myself, and all of my fellow introverts, and to the busy on-the-go people out there, I want to say try to be still. Breathe a little and clear your mind. Do nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Take time to not do something on your to-do list. Give yourself permission.

I've realized that for me to be the best version of myself, I must designate time to not concentrate on the things I must get done, or "should" get accomplished. I will become far more energized, motivated, re-focused, and happy when I disconnect myself from the internet, phone, and responsibilities and make time to go take a walk to observe nature, go sit by the lake or ocean to fiddle the sand on the beach through my fingers, or completely veg-out and watch a movie. I try to do these "unthinking" things for a break even if they make me feel extremely unproductive.

Doing "unthinking things" like this are very important---especially when the brain just seems to refuse to want to stop or slow down.

Take some time to allow your mind to rest and reset. When things become too much and your brain begins to reach 'circuit overload,' just stop and chill-out. Pause your thought process centers and stop trying to micro-manage everything; You can give permission to do this and everything will be okay. Meditate or do Yoga, whatever it is you are not doing enough of to clear your mind and to restore balance in yourself, do it. It is when we do not do this at all is when things begin to not be okay. Your body is a machine and your mind and emotional centers must be taken care of and relaxed from from time to time to stay in balance.

Enjoy it. Do a healthy, sober reset when you are pushing yourself too hard.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

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