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The Dodo-Bird "Like"

Is anyone else over and done with this "LIKE" word??

It grates on me when I hear females talk and "like, like, like" is every other word that's spewing out of their mouth - and this is not in reference to the high school or teenage crowd. Adults - grown women from their 20's on up into their 50's are still speaking in this manner. Is it a poor habit they are unable to break or does getting their point across in this dodo-bird fashion make them feel super cute and fun?

It's irritating when a woman is overheard say something along the lines of - "I feel like so ....I dunno, like ...just weird about like the whole like thing and like I didn't like know what to do!"

Do you understand how obnoxious it sounds? You might as well include an 80's Valley Girl or Moon Zappa spin on it with "gag me with a spoon."

For fun, read it again:

"I was like so like bummed out I guess when I didn't like hear from him after our date. I like thought we like had a lot of fun. Like, it was magical at times, we really connected and like thought he was like gonna call. Like you know what I mean? I don't like wanna call him 'cause I like don't wanna like seem like a stalker or be like all like weird about it but like I don't know ----should I like call him maybe, you think?"

It's up to you but - it is advisable to grow up and speak in an educated, adult manner, giving some posture and grace to your words. Go ahead and remove the "like" words in the sentences in the examples I gave above and read over it again.

See how they're not needed? Not one is necessary.

I hear girls on the internet and on TV shows talk in this way. I overhear conversations other women are having ------when they're BOTH speaking in this manner. Just seeing this on TV and overhearing it is enough to make me want to scream and tear my hair extensions out.

The word "like" is a verb.

You might "like" butter pecan ice cream or a song. Saying "I like this or that" is how to properly make use of the word 'like.' Overuse of this word in the wrong context - is irritating, please consider working on cleaning this up by heightening your awareness. Speaking well is a form of respect and mindfulness to yourself and to others.

If you're someone who tends to do this--- get the recorder app on your phone, record yourself and play it back so you can hear yourself. Perhaps after you understand how irritating the way you talk is, you'll become inspired and motivated to eliminate the word's improper and excessive usage from your vocabulary.

Like--- you know what I mean?!

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