Sucky Setbacks

Life is full of things that try to push us down.. We all face setbacks and disappointments. It's easy at times to feel discouraged, lose our enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation.

In the past, I have struggled in a multitude of setbacks but I thank God that faith and having an extremely stubborn bounce back mentality helped me to overcome life challenges to become stronger. So, I want to encourage you to have that bounce back mentality just the same. It means when you get knocked down - and kicked while you are knocked down, you don't stay down, you get up again!

Keep in mind that....

Setbacks are only temporary.

Sometimes, they may not feel like they are - but they are. It is hazardous to lounge around feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about how horrible things are----for too long. You have to use all your might to determine what the lesson is in the situation and exactly what healthy solution you can apply to get moving again.

Often, your intellect will have to override your emotions to help with a kick-start. This is a good practice to train yourself to do if you are a person who is very sensitive and generally operates on emotion and acts on a whim. Avoid leaning on drugs and alcohol - throwing yourself in idle won't help for betterment and upward mobility. You want to gain control, not lose more---now is not the time to dive into la-la land----you want to become stronger, tougher. Alcohol is a depressant - it makes no sense to drink 'liquid depression' when you are already trying to keep yourself from slipping further into depression.

There is no challenge too difficult for you

There's not. When you feel tempted to give up on your goal, tell yourself this is not who or what you are. Grab the bull by the horns and use your sword of faith - you've got one.

Beautiful, no matter what you are facing today, you may bend but you are not going to break. You have bounced back before and you are going to bounce back again. Truth-bomb!

I'm rooting for you! Miss Q

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