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"God made me this way!"

... Made you that way? Uh, my arse!

Photo Credit | Andrew Seaman

“Mom, the other kids say my forehead is big and poke fun at me.”

“Honey, God made it that way. They're probably just jealous of you because they are all the same.”

Ahhh…good job, mom!

“Mom, the guys in school don’t ask me out because I’m fat & I got pimples.”

“Sweetie, God made you exactly how you are supposed to be, and if anyone can’t value that, it’s their loss entirely, not yours”.

Ah-hmmm, a bit of a stretch, I suppose if it prevents her from having self esteem issues, alright.

“Dad, I’m never going to get that advancement at work I want.  They've hinted to me that I’m too outspoken and rough... like a brillo pad.”

“When God made you, son, he made sure you were given a unique and very special personality.  Just push yourself to be comfortable with being different and what can anyone else really say about that? God made you tough for a reason!”

Ouch! That’s pushing it.

So how did 'God made me this way, so it all must be good'... become the ultimate excuse for our lack of discipline? 

Yes, kids must understand they are beautifully made, however, I've Breaking News for those of us treating this 'God made me this way' stuff like security blanket---- God didn't make you this way.  You did it!  I did it!  We did it.

Automobiles do not roll off the assembly line with the side mirror being held on with duct tape, or the fender hanging on by a cord, or the hood looking like jalapeno cheese. The individual responsible for the automobile after buying it rocked it out.


The very same goes for us as human beings. 

God really did have an amazing plan when it was decided to put us together in the womb.  Plans for future and a purpose! A stellar marvel masterpiece! And then we put our human paws all over it and then, whoop!---- the decline begins ...

Photo Credit | Andrew Seaman

We rub our life up against the “I just don’t feel like having any sort of disciplined filter right now” wall and prefer to just shrug our shoulders and say-- “Well, gee-wiz, God just made me this way. so if it wasn’t meant to happen...” 

We cram our face 3 miles down into that half-gallon of triple-brownie ice cream and then we pacify ourselves with 'Well. See. God just made me this way, otherwise I would have been born with a much faster metabolism'.  We utilize this pitiful excuse casually and drink it down like a shot to toss back anything whenever we're confronted with the results and reality of our poorly disciplined lifestyle and choices!

We were made for MORE, but we use this very God excuse as a total cop-out to stay as we are. 

The super fantastic news?  Just like a really cool car that gets messed up, God is a beautiful help at restoring.  A car enthusiast can come along to help assist us in a repair, paint & fix up.  We weren’t JUST made to have "potential"---- no, no-no-----we were made to be kinetic! 

That my dear friends, is exactly how God made YOU----and the fabulous outcome is worth the price of YOUR discipline. 

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