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Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

It's dreadful seeing insecure women push away anyone they perceive as a rival and can't stand having another attractive lady around. They will make fun of them, insult them in front of others, and engage in full-blown passive-aggressive attacks. These are the ladies who give the phrase "catfight" its true meaning; these are also the same women that say things like, "Because I don't like or trust other women, I won't hang out with them. I just like having male pals because you can tell them anything and they won't betray you. They also maintain secrets."

They make an effort to appear confident, but when "rivalry" surfaces, their entire persona crumbles and they reveal themselves to be the miserable creatures they are. They depend entirely on men's attention for their sense of self-worth, thus they are essentially incapable of adapting if that focus shifts to another individual.

These women confuse confidence with arrogance in one manner or another. A woman who exudes confidence is aware of who she is, enjoys herself, feels secure in her own skin, and doesn't perceive other women as competitors. She feels good about performing spontaneously and doesn't judge herself against others.

Always comparing themselves to other women and hiding their feelings of mediocrity behind biting assaults, these women safeguard themselves by a thin shell of false assurance. They primarily disparage other women in order to improve their feelings about themselves and get comfort.

These women require all the sexual considerations they can get in the form of male attention. They present themselves in a way that is specifically meant to attract men, much like they would for a job or a part in a play. They are highly dramatic and over-sensitive.  However, when a beguiling and legitimately attractive woman joins the scene, whether by entering the room or passing by, these women feel that their ruse and deceptive control fall short of the real, genuine thing. When a woman is simply acting naturally and being herself, it's ridiculous to hear these types of women exclaim, "See how she's attempting to get attention!"

The old saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," has a great deal of validity to it. Let them chatter and remain to be the Beautiful You. Fortunately, their issue is not yours to deal with.

Best wishes!

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