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As The World Talks

A favorite movie of mine is When Harry Met Sally; especially the interviews in-between with all of the married couples on how they had initially come together. The swap of life stories is very exciting. If there’s an engaged or newlywed couple near, it is likely that I’ll inquire about their proposal and first years together.

Even a social encounter with a pregnant woman in line at the store can bring out the storyteller in me and will enjoy learning more about her. I really do enjoy people and listening to their unique experiences. Sharing life with others fills my spirit, people are very interesting ---especially when they are given an opportunity to be listened to (and not just "heard") and they open up.

Two individuals can live an event that is the same in every way, and come out with entirely different accounts of it. The elderly couple in When Harry Met Sally is pure comedy because they enjoy arguing over every single detail.

Values, character and experiences filter how we perceive our life experiences.

Imagine Cinderella’s story from her stepsister’s point of view. Isn’t the unique change in perspective what helped to make the musical Wicked boom with popularity? Hardly anyone ever thought about what the Wicked Witch’s story was before.

Without even thinking much on it we calculate our life experiences. I best describe myself as "an extroverted introvert." Although I do prefer much quiet, alone time, the necessity of socializing with others is important. I have learned that by having too much time by myself, it leaves me with a very narrow and sheltered perspective. It just becomes all about 'me me me' and how I see it.

This is why we all need to reach out and experience community, just the very same as we all need our alone, private time. To give perspective. It helps to show us where we’re off a bit. To remind us that we are we’re not alone----- and we’re not as crazy-coo-coo as we might think.

As much as I enjoy the varied and unique moments in socializing with others, I appreciate the opportunity to listen to another offer their personal perspective on a shared experience. Espeially with my longtime friends, I just love to sit back and soak up their views of our history and friendship. It provides insight into their heart, revealing what was valued in the moments.

This same experience occurs in my alone time with God when I reflect.

Sometimes, like many people often do - I will also have my moments where I will see my story as one of failure, rejection, brokenness, and disappointment--- I can be pretty hard on myself, too. But when I sit back and tune-in to God a bit, I feel something new and restorative. God sees me as growth, hope, grace and love. I am nothing less than a precious gift to God, just like you are!

Sharing our stories with others to maintain balance in our perception of experiences is healthy and helpful. Most especially, we need to stay tuned-in to the master narrator; God always eventually reveals the truth of the situation and guides us as the story continues to unfold. We may not always see the "why" as we are going through something and we may only see a "little bit" of the BIG picture...but one thing is for certain, the Good Lord has our backs!

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