not another guru.
it's Miss Quantum.

Assisting Spirits In Their Human Experience™


Summer-Winter 2021 Q-Ki Essentials US Regional Area Master Leader Training Currently In Session. US in-person Q-Ki Practitioner training details & registration opens late Spring 2022.

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Jump off the pity pot & create high energy standards & reframe your boundaries. Behavioral improvement & transformation, discipline, confidence & spiritual issues. Everything it takes to become mentally & spiritually healthy, and fulfilled. PG-13 rating.  


From Zero to Hero.





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A Redemption Show Schedule


Miss Quantum is a behavioral and life re-framing expert who helps people to become inspired, courageous, and motivated to:

  • Redesign failures & harness challenges as brilliant growth opportunities

  • Master mindset into creative leadership and innovation

  • Build powerful connections, unsinkable confidence & winning habits

  • Champion resilience to achieve a non-negotiable life

  • Texturize faith, tenacity and diminish fear of judgement

Big Mind. Huge Heart. Feral Grit. Miss Quantum is a transformational keynote speaker, multi-genre author & poet, CEO of Epiastral Genetics and the spatiotemporal agent mastermind behind Q-Ki Essentials - The Universe's Most Advanced Beauty & Sexual Energy Treats. Not to be mistaken for a cannonball, Miss Quantum is the cannon that will unite with your audience and ignite the energy that you seek from a keynote speaker for your event. Miss Quantum delivers magnificent presentations with gripping stories that allow your group a meaningful, 360-degree insight into their issues, opportunities & solutions. The Universe Maverick  balances daring, bold, and unapologetic, yet, sprightly without any confusing word salads or misinformation. 

an autodidact hot rodding the continual educycle

Cognitionis amor! That's fancy for a lover of learning, budding polymath, curious, knowledge junkie. Miss Quantum has a Metaphysician PhD (not a Medical Doctor), and keeps active in community with animal & reptile rescue, and charity events. She keeps membership of interest with the American Psychological Association, American Association of Suicidology, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, National Partnership for Juvenile Services, and the International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology. Miss Quantum is an Ordained Interfaith Minister since 2016. Presentations regularly expand with new knowledge.

 think of her as a colonic irrigation specialist...for mind & spirit

By choice, Miss Quantum's lifestyle excludes alcoholic beverages and mind reshaping substances that are an adversary to healthy neurological function that typically result in an imbalance or modification in sense, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior. She is devoted in teaching discipline and self control to adults and adolescents so they may learn the tools necessary to elevate critical thinking and coping skills that will help micro-manage stress and anxiety without counterproductive escapes.


the cranking & revving-up

Miss Quantum's first community speaking and training experience began in 2001 delivering time management, safety & sales training with an Illinois beauty academy and with several renowned Chicago salons and day spas. Whether you seek impact for a group-think for several thousand, or a High School colloquium or suicide awareness intervention for 10; Miss Quantum will deliver an inspirational presentation that will allow your group opportunity for insight into issues with solutions. 


integrity is more than just a 9-letter word

 Extraordinary effort and infinite possibilities. Miss Quantum is friendly, easy to work with, attentive & thrives on creative challenges. Faithfully, Miss Quantum assists with a dynamic presentation and will arrange your vision in the way that you want to score the impactful and winning results you desire. 

healthy role model who shares what is being lived herself

Full-flavor key elements are delivered for relatability & bonding with ideas worthy of consideration at the touchstone of others' own values and different views. Live, streamed & broadcasted video presentations are delivered with PG-13 language.

Welcome! I'm super excited about the things that will begin to bloom!

I hold faith that we'll connect together through colorful, intelligent, and witty optimism on all of the issues that need to be talked about in order for us to grow and balance for a fruitful & magnificent garden of mind, body & soul.


We'll have conversations about community issues to personal issues, from news to beauty to spiritual, and everything in-between that affects who we are today & who we will want to better become tomorrow. I strive for thought provoking fun. Most times, we'll laugh. At times, we'll cry just to keep our gardens watered. If this sounds good to you then I feel grateful for your support and our new start.