Winning Confidence. Heroic Respect. More Power. 

You’re a force. A creator.

An innovator with upward mobility.

Feeling everything fiercely, your compassion and intuition gives you an above average imaginativeness and brilliance.

Your wisdom gifts you the sight to serve and impact the universe like never before.

“I can say with relief and huge excitement—that I not only discovered my continuing plan, but received valuable tools and insight to escalate that I've only received here. I was stuck.” 


—  Peckie Richard, Los Angeles, California

Get MOTIONAL. Not Emotional.™

  • Finally receive the support and accountability YOU crave to fly. 

  • The exact formula that I used to create a full scale life transformation and how anyone can replicate that success for themselves.

  • Learn how to control how you react to your feelings and how to make decisions when you're in a "mood". 

  • Trash limiting beliefs and transform your history to create a brand new life for yourself.

  • Why what most copycat "gurus" are telling you is wrong---and the tweaks that will allow you to finally get results.

  • Learn how to manage anxiety and stress without the use of any drugs, or alcohol, or mind altering substances.

  • Learn exactly how to reverse engineer your success.

  • Bring to light the reasons for your self-sabotaging habits and triggers, and rewire your mind to eliminate them.

  • Learn positive communication strategies for building valuable and healthy relationships, eliminating chaos, and transform the way you react to conflict INSTANTLY.

  • Copycat my never before shared secrets for UNBREAKABLE courage, confidence, and resiliance that will FORCE the judgements and opinions of others' to roll off your shoulders like water is to a duck (my best friend doesn't even know how!).

  • Create a love story with yourself; fall in love with YOUR truth, YOUR goals, and who YOU really are underneath it all.

  • And so much more...



Jackie Freeman, Maryland

“Miss Quantum allows others to translate and grab into their opportunities and claim them as something they can enjoy. The facts did not overwhelm me at all – they are REAL with real results.”

Beth Campell, Oklahoma

“I was overwhelmed before joining YBC. I started creating a website by myself a year ago to start up my own business and I just did not have the confidence or belief in myself. I was scared. Miss Quantum gave me important information and tools to help get me jump start quickly. I made my first couple of sales the day I launched! Don’t lose more of your precious time worrying. There is a way and thanks to Miss Quantum, I know this now.”

Mark Marshak, Florida

“If you want to understand things better, Miss Quantum is an excellent mentor. She will teach you so that you can go and do it.”

Gin Carmichael, Nevada

"I'm proud to announce that I’m now a Personal Development Champion coaching with Miss Quantum! WOOHOO!!!! I was laughing and crying at the same time when everything started making sense to me finally. This stuff freaking works! Miss Quantum really is like magic!"

Stacy Lambert, Illinois

“The one thing I learned is that building the kind of life I want doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I always thought it was. Miss Quantum explains things in easy steps. Join the Yellow Brick Club with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.“


Linda Walters, UK

“You absolutely must not delay and just do this. All I can say is this is life changing.”

Fran Faulkner, California

“You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at what Miss Quantum has to offer. Her strategies are the simplest I’ve ever seen and things start to move in your life if you are really willing to do the work. My life started changing immediately, I needed the change! Just do it!”

Caroline Foster-Smith, Georgia

“I fell in love with Miss Quantum when I first saw her on YouTube. She's a very interesting combo of really tough and really loving so I didn't really know what to even expect. Turns out, she's like the big sister I never had, but, wish I did! Her knowledge & support keeps inspiring me to take fast action for the results I keep getting---not tomorrow, not tonight, right now.”

Hank Lawson, Texas

“Miss Quantum is the only mentor I've met for coaching with genuine intentions and no hype. Let me tell you that I've paid really big bucks with a few of them only to be caught in a bunch of upsells to get to the next level. Continuing results with Miss Quantum "at a flat rate" and no upsells is what I get for as long as I want to work my butt off for it, and I am.”

Jenny Fairfield, Illinois

“What I appreciate the most about Miss Quantum is she knows her stuff. She doesn't feed you more of the same stuff you can find anywhere online or in most videos. She's a master at presenting really complex things in such a simple way so I can make my own decisions to move forward in a way I need to. Miss Quantum always gives much more than you expect as long as you're willing to put the effort in. Thank you Miss Q!. :)”

David Kirk, New York

“I got a thick, stubborn skull and Miss Quantum was a miracle worker busting through it. She isn't afraid to call me out.  As a result, a family member and myself mustered up the courage by starting our own online businesses. We sat on this idea for 2 years afraid to go with it.”

Michelle Klein-Foster, Florida

“I started coaching with Miss Quantum before she became Miss Quantum to the world. 8 years ago I was a struggling single mom without two nickels to rub together when I first came to her when she was doing sliding-scale local Interfaith Ministering. I was on the brink of being homeless. Today I'm a speaker in teenage drug rehabilitation centers doing what I love and getting paid what I want. My kids have a secure home now and it's paid for. No one can evict me ever again. Miss Quantum is great source to have on your side fighting through the confusion with you.”

Beth Chambers, California

“Miss Quantum showed me how to step into myself and move the mountain – big time! Like anyone, I battled with myself over the cost – it's way more than money after all! But believe me, this was the BEST investment I could ever have made.”


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