Your Competitors Are Preparing. Are You?

Gain exclusive empowerment. Have you been putting off proactively pursuing bigger projects instead of self-sabotaging out of your fear of not being able to deliver?

Gain financial security so that you are always prepared months ahead of the game when a disaster or a social pandemic strikes you and your loved ones. 

Step into your value and be fearless to set your rate, negotiate a hefty raise, or push back on the push back, because you will know what makes you indispensable and invaluable.

Pinpoint exactly where a client is leaving money on the table and swoop in to save the day with your skills, while increasing your income in the process.

It's simple, yet, kinda scary. Not kinda---- A LOT scary.

If you're like me, have you ever sat at your computer with a Google Doc open, and wondered things like...

… Am I even doing this right?

… Does this sound weak or pitchy?

… Is this going to work and convert for me? Or am I wasting my time with something that’s already stale?

There are apps that tell us what grade level we are writing at. There are plug-ins that will tell us if a word is spelled incorrectly. There are bots that will autocomplete a basic sentence...

But there’s NO plugin, app, or bot that will tell us if what we want to do is any good!

Only the market and our merchant accounts can tell us that.


And rest assured, they will. Every. Single. Time.

It's the cold hard numbers that don’t CARE how many sleepless nights are spent stress-eating over the computer. Or how much money (or not) is invested creating that thing you’re doing.

That’s why it only feels far safer to fire off a social media post and just pat self on the back for those 500 likes

than it is to send off a 350 word email and then feel like a helpless dope as the Mailchimp

monkey laughs at the lame click-through rate (CTR).

Time consuming? Yep.

Intimidating? For sure.

High stakes? Absolutely.

Is it an unfair advantage to anyone brave enough to pursue a goal?

You already know the answer.

Simply put…

You must be willing to make a decision to stay buckled down in ways that others DO NOT WANT TO DO

by staying focused and disciplined from one failure into the next, and the next, and the...


You must be willing to do what others won't do to have the things they won't get.

Read that again.

Dang right, that is THE path.

 It's called SUCCESS.


It’s a speed game. Not a study game.

You don’t have time to be idle in a poor man’s game of playing chicken with a blinking cursor. You don't have time to keep reading book after book until you think you've learned it well enough to get it "perfect". It will never be perfect. Your clients, employees - they don't have the time either to “wait” until you feel inspired enough to deliver value that they can sink their teeth into. 

Let bygones be bygones.

From the desk of Miss Quantum


My Dear Friend, 


I want you to pause. To inhale, just to breathe, and give thought about where you're at in your personal and professional processes. Perhaps you're here because you're feeling overwhelmed, or you're stressed for answers. Maybe you're lacking that confidence to do what it is that you want to do so you can start enjoying your lifestyle rewards and your business profit. I know what it feels like, I get it. I've been building just my business alone for about seven years. It is the hardest thing I've ever done. It can be exhausting and time draining. It can be...soul sucking - and I hate seeing others in this space. Because I've felt it. It breaks my heart.

Too often I see women and men losing faith in themselves by not backing their own intelligence & their own gut instinct.


Too often we let the fear in, we let negativity crush us and let the pesky, nasty little voice in our heads tell us we're not good enough or not cut out for this. It tells us that maybe we should just give it all up! I've got to promise you that if I can, anyone can. I was once a high school dropout and my skills were developed over time with determination and a lot of hard work and very little sleep. A few years ago you would never have convinced me that I'd be doing what I am today; It all seemed beyond my reach. But I can develop the skills and build a profitable lifestyle business  - and so can you.

You just have to want it enough. And I'm not saying you don't. I know it may seem you've walked through so many doors, I know that's what it seemed like for me. Every time I came to another door, it was so involved in trying to figure out how to try and open it, and I would always think - maybe this is it - maybe this is that sort of "last door" leading to what I want, thinking my profitable lifestyle has got to be on the other side. Then there was a corridor with another door, and another door, another step, more hard work to be done - I get it. When this happens, you forget the whole reason you set out to build your lifestyle or business in the first place. But may I take this opportunity to remind you that we're doing this to give yourself or your family an incredible future. We're doing this so you don't have to worry about money again, wouldn't that be nice?

You don't have to go backwards or feel like you're running in place anymore.


...Especially to working a job that you hate. We're doing this so you can finally get your hands off the keyboard and take regular vacations. We're doing this so you can make an IMPACT in the world, the impact you were created to have! So I want to ask you at this point, is it still worth it to you? I truly believe it is and that's why I've stuck it out to be here, to be able to serve you. That's only a question you can ask yourself. I've had to ask myself so many times over the last several years and everytime I had to take a deep breath and say, 'humanity is worth it and the life fulfillment I want is worth it' so I kept opening up the next door and going through it, then the next - and I really want that same thing for you.


We can all find a reason to pause. I hear it all the time -  I'm too busy right now, I got a lot going on right now, I don't have time, it's too hard, it's too expensve, I have to wait until the kids get older first. And that's alright, however, I find once others who finally make the decision to stay in their excuses, it is really hard to recover from that. It's very rare for them to ever carve out the time to build their lifestyle success and streamline. I've helped many and now you've got me right here to assist and cheer you on to awesomeness so you do not have to do it alone. 

So where to from here? As I see it, you have two choices.


You can carry on in your affairs the way you've been doing it, and keep doing the way you've been doing it, and expect the same results. I truly wish you all the best what lays ahead in that. But I have a feeling that's not what you truly want to do. I know if you're passionate about what you do, or maybe you were at one point, there's a voice inside that's telling you that you want to make change in your life and business. So if you're ready to start doing, if you're ready to take this seriously and build now to create a future you truly love ---remember do it once and its done. We can get to work right away. It's your time to decide. Do you want to walk on the yellow bricks and through that next door? I'm going to leave it with you. I sure hope to see you soon. I'll be right at your side, in your corner, and cheering you on to greatness.

Get Motional. Not Emotional.

  • Finally receive the transformation, support, and accountability you crave. 

  • The exact formula that I used to create a full scale life transformation and how anyone, even you, can replicate that success whether you're 20 or 60 years old. It's never too late. #Truthbomb

  • Learn how to control how you react to your feelings and how to focus so you can make wise decisions when you're in a "mood". 

  • Trash limiting beliefs and transform your history to create a brand new life for yourself.

  • Learn how to speak fluidly and effortlessly on subjects to groups and audiences without any scripts, or rehearsals.

  • Learn how to micro-manage anxiety and stress without the use of any non-prescription, mind-altering drugs and alcohol. 

  • Discover exactly how to reverse engineer your success.

  • Bring to light the reasons for your self-sabotaging habits and triggers by modifying your mind to eliminate them.

  • Learn constructive communication strategies for building healthy relationships, eliminating chaos, and transform the way you react to conflict. Develop the skills how to live and work in environments with negative people. 

  • Learn my never before shared secrets for UNBREAKABLE courage, confidence, and resilience that will FORCE the judgement and opinions of others' to roll off your shoulders like water is to a duck (my best friend doesn't even know them)!

  • Create a love story for yourself and fall in love with YOUR truth, YOUR goals, and who YOU really are underneath it all.

  • Flexible customization is available to your needs. 

What They're Saying

Jack F., Maryland

“Miss Quantum allows others to translate and grab into their opportunities and claim them as something they can enjoy. The facts did not overwhelm me at all – they are REAL with real results.”

Beth C., Oklahoma

“I was overwhelmed before joining YBC. I started creating a website by myself a year ago to start up my own business and I just did not have the confidence or belief in myself. I was scared. Miss Quantum gave me important information and tools to help get me jump start quickly. I made my first couple of sales the day I launched! Don’t lose more of your precious time worrying. There is a way and thanks to Miss Quantum, I know this now.”

Mark M., Florida

“If you want to understand things better, Miss Quantum is an excellent mentor. She will teach you so that you can go and do it.”

Gina R., Nevada

"I'm proud to announce that I’m now a Personal Development Champion coaching with Miss Quantum! WOOHOO!!!! I was laughing and crying at the same time when everything started making sense to me finally. This stuff freaking works! Miss Quantum really is like magic!"

Stacy L., Illinois

“The one thing I learned is that building the kind of life I want doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I always thought it was. Miss Quantum explains things in easy steps. Join the Yellow Brick Club with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.“

Linda W., UK

“You absolutely must not delay and just do this. All I can say is this is life changing.”

Fran F., California

“You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at what Miss Quantum has to offer. Her strategies are the simplest I’ve ever seen and things start to move in your life if you are really willing to do the work. My life started changing immediately, I needed the change! Just do it!”

Caroline S., Georgia

“I fell in love with Miss Quantum when I first saw her on YouTube. She's a very interesting combo of really tough and really loving so I didn't really know what to even expect. Turns out, she's like the big sister I never had, but, wish I did! Her knowledge & support keeps inspiring me to take fast action for the results I keep getting---not tomorrow, not tonight, right now.”

Hank L., Texas

“Miss Quantum is the only mentor I've met for coaching with genuine intentions and no hype. Let me tell you that I've paid really big bucks with a few of them only to be caught in a bunch of upsells to get to the next level. Continuing results with Miss Quantum "at a flat rate" and no upsells is what I get for as long as I want to work my butt off for it, and I am.”

Jenny F., Illinois

“What I appreciate the most about Miss Quantum is she knows her stuff. She doesn't feed you more of the same stuff you can find anywhere online or in most videos. She's a master at presenting really complex things in such a simple way so I can make my own decisions to move forward in a way I need to. Miss Quantum always gives much more than you expect as long as you're willing to put the effort in. Thank you Miss Q!. :)”

David K., New York

“I got a thick, stubborn skull and Miss Quantum was a miracle worker busting through it. She isn't afraid to call me out.  As a result, a family member and myself mustered up the courage by starting our own online businesses. We sat on this idea for 2 years afraid to go with it.”

Michelle K., Florida

“I started coaching with Miss Quantum before she went worldwide. 8 years ago I was a struggling single mom without two nickels to rub together when I first came to her when she was doing sliding-scale local Interfaith Ministering. I was on the brink of being homeless. Today I'm a speaker in teenage drug rehabilitation centers doing what I love and getting paid what I want. My kids have a secure home now and it's paid for. No one can evict me ever again. Miss Quantum is great source to have on your side fighting through the confusion with you.”

Beth C., California

“Miss Quantum showed me how to step into myself and move the mountain – big time! Like anyone, I battled with myself over the cost – it's way more than money after all! But believe me, this was the BEST investment I could ever have made.”




What To Expect

​Fill out the contact form and we'll to schedule a time for our Skype consultation to make sure we're a good working match for serious results. The non-negotiable, non-refundable consultation-only fee is $300 USD for 45-minutes, paid in advance. The investment in your consultation fee will be applied in full toward your selected package within 3-days of purchase only and will expire at midnight PST. 


My cooperation with provided NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreement) with public figures are a non-issue and are always honored. 

We'll discuss your issues and needs in-depth so that it will allow me to create a plan, personalized tasks, and goals specific for your transformation. Tools available in-between sessions will also be discussed at this time.

Weekly, we'll meet over Skype video chat sessions according to your chosen plan. Plan lengths available are 6-months and 1-year. One-time sessions and plans under 6-months are not initially available in the Yellow Brick Club to ensure that your transformation and new habits are able to be rhythmically set. Customized maintenance plans are available after the initial transformation process.

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