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Energetic & thought-provoking keynotes with entertaining or intense storytelling that inspires and motivates into being a forward-thinking essence living a productive, high performance human experience.



Miss Quantum will shake the attention and participation of your audience and keep them on the edge of their seat, or on their toes! There are several foundational keynotes that Miss Quantum delivers and each topic can be customized to your audience with a mix & match. If you do not see what you are looking for below, no problem - Miss Quantum loves to take on BIG ideas and new, creative challenges! So EASY to work with! A personalized presentation can be created that is exclusive for your event only.  


Harper College at Wojcik Conference Center

I came expecting to learn basic strategies every speaker seems to talk on about and left with unique knowledge I didn’t know I was looking for. Not easily done, but Miss Quantum really moved me! Powerful messenger and definitely one I'll keep following.” - Adinah Guttman

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Michelle Taylor-Johnson, Event Manager, All Solutions Agency

“My favorite outcome from Miss Quantum's presentation was a sense of empowerment through the recognition that all of the best things are created by one who faces challenges just as we all do. Rather than feel fear or intimidation in the face of our creativity, we should envelope it as inspiration. Miss Quantum is a stunning storyteller. She's very charming and charismatic, both professionally and personally. Her approach as a consultant or speaker is thoughtful and exceptional. I really look forward to an opportunity to work with her again!”

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James Hartwell, CEO, Sightpath 

“We challenged Miss Quantum to deliver a customized content packed session ---- in15 minutes, or less. Our goal was to get our attendees fired up and smoldering with inspiration in a short form motivational presentation. In the process of our preparation, Miss Quantum asked insightful questions, listened attentively to our ideas and then explained how she would produce our vision. She is so easy to gel with and I really felt confident that she would deliver. She did! We were maniacal happy with her performance, and now I tell people, Hire Miss Quantum! She is a genius, a great commander of words, an unapologetic expressionist and a genuine pleasure to work with. She rocks and leaves your audience wanting to learn more!”


Michael M., General Manager, Adena Golf and Country Club

It was with great honor to have had the opportunity to work with Miss Quantum at our community property prior to its abrogation for our staff and turf pro members-only presentations. With eminent respect to Miss Quantum, she is a valued, trusted leadership steed that provides professional excellence, exalted merit and superiority in virtue. She won't disappoint.

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Christopher J., Abbott Laboratories

It's refreshing to catch raw innovation these days, it's so rare. Miss Quantum isn't afraid to dive in to get her "hands dirty" with her own original content, or to go against what is taught to the collective mindset by "gurus". She's filled with useful information and presents key points in such a crafty way that you can actually see everything in your mind as a "movie" with just her words alone. She connected with the heart of our audience immediately and gave us one of the best days that our team ever spent together! I even got her autograph on my tie that I requested after the presentation was over! 


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