You & Them

Aware of it or not, a lot of decisions are generally based off how other people are going to react and how people may see us when it's all said & done.

We spend a gross amount of time making decisions that shape our character, our values and the standards we allow for relationships and many other things to influence. This hinders our own growth and truest purpose.

Be a wolf. There is a reason they're not used for performing in the circus.

Not everyone is ever going to be entirely satisfied with all of the decisions that you make. It is hardly ever wise to make decisions based on the feelings, thoughts and opinions of other people – it’s your life, you own it. You must live with the magnitude of your own decisions.

If you can ignore the static of the voices around, you are then able to hear what it is that you truly want. What you want. Not what they want. Your instincts will never fail you.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

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