The package might look warped

It's simple to slip down the slope with stress, however, the majority of what we stress over, never happens. When we place our unbridled faith in the Lord, generally, we get exactly what we need - or better, what we want - regardless of the way in which it arrives to us. Sometimes, what we need and want might arrive looking pretty warped and far from what we envisioned when we first set our intention for it.

Your way isn't always the most ideal way and Lord's way is dependably the best most ideal - and is the main way. Consider it. Lord is receptive to everything in the universe - and what you are able to observe sorely pales in comparison to that.

Too often, we feel that in the event that what we get and it doesn't look a specific way, it won't occur the way we need or want it to. Begin your action toward the greater that you want and let go. It is guaranteed that Lord is simply making a few modifications for you to have precisely what you desire and need---or better.

If what you desire or need comes looking pretty warped and you do not receive it, that does not mean your set intent did not manifest. There are lessons we encounter on our way to achievement and fulfilling our desires so that you are fully prepared for receiving it. Look at it from all angles. Patience is necessary.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

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