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Sever Etheric Cords from Casual Sex, Toxic People, Ex, etc.

This is one of the easiest of several ways to cut energy cords from past intimate and sexual partners and anyone that you feel that you must take your vitality back from.

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel @sylwiabartyzel

This strategy with the assistance of #Archangel Michael is one of the best ways to remove #blocks and sever energetic cords and ties with a former companion, a pessimistic/negative individual, a previous #sexual rendezvous, etc. When you enter into an association with somebody, your framework becomes distinctly associated and attached to them and it creates an energetic cord that you don't need---(and that you do not want - trust that). The cord strengthens and becomes reinforced when painful, traumatic, or difficult occasions happen between the individuals. #EnergeticCords are made through #sex, through #relationship pledges, #soul contracts, guarantees or #promises (talked or implicit).

Your spirit acts as though these pledges, contracts, guarantees or vows are still legitimate. By severing these cords, you are not releasing memories - only the unecessary energy that you do not need. Say for example, you get #divorced and find it hard to find your next mate. You can check-in to see if you are subconsciously still honoring those vows, contracts, promises or oaths. It's simple and you can check right now if any cords need to be severed.

Here's how to discover it...

MUSCLE TESTING: Also known as #HypnoKinesiology, this allows you to uncover information on a subconscious level, connect to your #subconscious beliefs and your higher self and it grabs the answers to your absolute inner-truths, whether they are conscious or subconscious. This is not intended to replace any medical diagnosis. I prefer the standing sway muscle testing technique. It is gentle, discreet, quick and does not use any machines.

You can:

  • locate blocks to infinite abundance

  • locate your self-limiting beliefs

  • identify subconscious vows & promises

  • identify subconscious contracts & oaths

  • identify blocks to love, money, success, health and weight loss

  • gauge your body’s reactions to various ideas and thoughts

Muscle Testing Instructions

  • Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing north, in a balanced and neutral position. Do not bend your knees and keep your head and shoulders held high - but stay comfortable and relaxed. Do not strain yourself.

  • Let's test; say “Show me YES” – you should feel yourself tilting forward. Next, re-balance yourself and say “Show me NO” – you should feel yourself tilting slightly backwards. Don't fall over.

To reinforce your belief in this technique, say out loud “My name is (state real birth name).” You should tilt forward. Then say “My name is (state a fake name - any fake name).” You should tilt backwards.

For example, if you get a divorce and you are struggling to find your next mate, you can use the muscle testing technique to see if your soul believes you are still married to them. You can stand in the proper position and say out loud, “I am married to (state name of ex partner).”

If you receive a YES (usually a tilt forward), that means you need to cut energetic cords to that person.

Note: Reasoning to call on Archangel Michael; This has nothing to do with #Christianity, #Judaism or ANY #religious beliefs. Archangels and Angels are Spiritual beings that are on a higher level of existence and their duty is to help, guide and protect. Whether you are a believer in angels or not, once you have severed toxic etheric cords, you will feel more #positive and #content, overall.



  • Take slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

  • Inhale for a count of 5 1..2..3..4..5

  • Hold your breath for a count of 5 1..2..3..4..5

  • Exhale for a count of 5 1..2..3..4..5

  • Repeat this deep breathing for a count of 5 until you feel relaxed and your mind is clear.

  • Say in your mind or verbally.. "I ask Archangel Michael to come and help me now"

  • Wait a few seconds and feel Michael’s presence. You should know and trust that Michael comes to ALL who call on him for assistance.

  • Say out loud, or in your mind, one of the following examples: "I ask Archangel Michael to sever all etheric cords attached to my energy and physical body." or... "I ask Archangel Michael to sever any etheric cords attached to my body which are negative and harmful to my well-being"

  • Continue to breathe deeply and feel the energy cords leave your energy and physical bodies.

This whole entire process takes less than a minute to perform.

- Miss Quantum originally posted this blog on 8/29/2017

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