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Pause. Reset Your Brain.

Admittedly, I am an introvert - an ' often friendly, sometimes-very social type of introvert who delights in hiding away from other people,' if that makes sense. I do enjoy what I consider to be an 'unhealthy amount of solitude' by getting lost in my creative outlets, listening to music, drawing, writing stories or poetry, and reading books. Ok, and napping - I really, really love my naps. Beside napping, I have to keep my mind extremely active with spiritual and intellectual expansion. Being an introvert like this often tends to feel more exhausting than when I am always on the move.

So as a reminder to myself, and all of my fellow introverts, and to the busy on-the-go people out there, I want to say - try to be still. Breathe a little and clear your mind. Do nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Take time to not do something on your to-do list.

I've realized that for me to be the best version of myself, I must designate time to not concentrate on the things I must get done, or "should" get accomplished. I will become far more energized, motivated, re-focused, and happy when I disconnect myself from the internet, phone, and responsibilities and make time to go take a walk to observe nature, go sit by the lake or ocean to fiddle the sand on the beach through my fingers, or completely veg-out and watch The Golden Girls, or a movie on my favorite Hallmark Channel. I try to do these "unthinking" things even if they make me feel extremely unproductive. I've come to learn that doing "unthinking things" like this are very important---especially when my brain just seems to refuse to want to stop or slow down.

Take some time to allow your mind to rest and reset. When things become too much and your brain begins to reach 'circuit overload,' just stop and chill-out. Pause your thought process centers and stop trying to micro-manage everything; You can give permission to do this and everything will be okay. Meditate or do Yoga, whatever it is you are not doing enough of to clear your mind and to restore balance in yourself, do it. It is when we do not do this at all is when things begin to not be okay. Your body is a machine and your mind and emotional centers must be taken care of and relaxed from from time to time to stay in balance.

Enjoy it. Do a healthy, sober reset when you are pushing yourself too hard.

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