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Below are the questions received via email and DM through social media. You are appreciated, thank you for taking your valuable time to write me!

If you do not see the question that you asked here, it is likely being held to be answered on an upcoming video with Mailbag Q & A.

Much Love - MQ


Q: Hope you'll answer this because I don't have a mom & embarrassed to ask online as I'm worried what people will think. I'm female, 15. I like what you have to say so curious of your answer. What are the most important rules you got when going on a date?

A: Hi there. Believe it or not and as old fashioned as it may seem -the first rule that I have I've stuck to since I was 16 years old: I will not kiss on a first date. Second, I will not waste 2-hours getting ready for a "meet & greet" date. Third, I won't go to the movies for a first date just to sit in silence. I rather talk and determine if we gel, or not. Hope this helps!


Q: Hi. What was the most disturbing film you’ve seen?

A: Hi. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. Made me cry like a baby. I won't watch it again. Thanks for asking!


Q: If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

A: What makes you think magic is not real? Blessings.


Q: Just saying hi while eating dinner. Wondering what’s the most depressing meal you’ve ever literally eaten?

A. Hi. Years ago when I had not even a penny to my name, when I couldn't afford anything to eat at all, I had to drink water instead. That was most depressing. Be well.


Q: What songs do you like to sing to? Also, check out my latest song!

A: Great song, thanks! Hm, so many I like to sing to! My faves on my MP3 player that cheer me up to sing to are Switching To Glide by The Kings, I am What I am by Laura Lee Bell, and - My Hallelujah Song by Julianne Hough.


Q: Hope Im not a bother. I want to start a Youtube channel but I'm scared to talk to groups. After I watched your videos I thought how good you speak so I want to ask how comfortable are you speaking in front of people compared to how you seem? You don't even seem like you use scripts. Tips?

A: Not a bother at all! When speaking live in front of people, I am extremely comfortable because I prefer the eye contact. Speaking at a camera, I experience some anxiety that I push through due to no eye contact. So, when speaking on video, what helps is putting my stuffed animal Lucy in back of the camera and I talk to her. Hope this helps. Please send me a link to your channel when you have it up and running so I can subscribe. Good luck!


Q: Hi. Miss. Hope you're good. What's the best thing that happened to you today?

A: Hi there! Reading your message. Grateful, thank you!


Thanks for your messages. I do read them all, you're important to me.

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