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Love & Validation

Let's face it, when we are in doubt of our abilities, we behave in some strange ways!

We compensate for a lack of feelings excessively. We eat excessively. We seek excessive levels of approval. It's time to challenge yourself on what you're really all about. It's time to remember who you are and regardless of anything else, you are sufficient on your own.

It's time to let go of the need for approval and put ourselves first.

Even if you are slowly growing, evolving, maturing, developing, and strengthening in some ways in this demanding world, this does not render you unworthy. Read that again. You are worthy.

You are worthy because at your core you are sufficient. You are more than enough.

You are a loving person.

How would it feel to have even more confidence in your own love?

You possess limitless knowledge and truth

What would it be like to be more open about your own truth online? With your associations? What if you could do this safely?

Money is out there to help keep you safe.

What financial desires do you have? How would it feel for you to believe in them as an achievable possibility?

The monarch of your life is you.

What would it be like to offer what you truly desire to give without ever having to worry that it won't be enough?

You are capable.

What if you were convinced that you were enough right now? What would you set out to achieve?

You are deserving.

What if you were aware that you were adequate right now?

What would you do if you felt certain that you couldn't mess it up?

What if you didn't have to behave in a certain way to gain approval?

Or to impress others?

Or to prove yourself?

What would you be speaking, doing, and experiencing if you had already determined how worthy you are? What would apply to you right now?

Most importantly, what if you simply did everything you freaking wanted, loved the heckness out of yourself, upheld your boundaries, and always knew it was enough?

Important questions to ask and answer for yourself!

Hugs & Love.

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