I Love Your Smile...

It is undeniable that most everyone wants to feel joy and happiness in this world.

There are times when I do certainly enjoy bringing happiness to others even if I am not feeling quite so happy myself - it helps lift my spirits up some to see them light up and feel nice ... the joy we offer and bring to others can be quite contagious. 

I encourage you to keep in mind these 5 simple ways to put a smile on someone's face to help make their world feel like a better place. It doesn't have to take much time or money on your part. In fact, it ought to cost little or nothing. It is the authenticity in your actions and gestures that count.

1. Write an encouraging note or letter to others 

I remember a friend from earlier years who loved sticking "gratitude’’ sticky notes on my bathroom mirror before she left my house. Those special "little" surprise handwritten notes were not so little! They were super amazing and they never failed once to brighten up my day. Try this.. You just might start an epidemic!

2. Ask a friend or relative if you can take care of their kid(s) for a day or evening.

If you are a parent, step-parent or guardian, you know the value of being able to have a few hours of "adult time" without worrying about the children/kids. Don't wait to be asked to baby-sit when it is required. Offer to do it at random so the parents have the opportunity do something fun and relaxing for their own selves-----raising kids is tough work.

3. Give someone an inspirational book to read

You will feel good doing it and they will think of you every time they read it. Pick out your favorite book that you have enjoyed and give it to someone else to read.

4. Deliver a meal to someone you know that is sick or having a difficult time

We have all been sick and know the last thing you want to do is be out of bed. You can be a tremendous help by providing a meal that can be enjoyed, especially if they are struggling and going through financially challenging times; Some people out there certainly do desire a break from eating Ramen Noodles - surprise them by ordering them a huge, loaded pizza with all their faves on it - or something they will love!

5. Take a friend out to lunch or for dessert - or a walk in the park

You will get to know each other even better than you do right now - and it will give you a break from the world of social media and put you back into a world of 'face-to-face' interaction and socialization. Whatever it is you choose to do - lunch, dessert - or walking in a nice park with a bottle of water in hand -----socialize with other human beings in-person, it's important.

I know these are 5 simple ways to put a smile on someone's face, but there is one more way that can't be ignored:

Reveal your real, genuine smile when you feel it!

---The fake smiles ...you can hide.

Always rooting for you!

Miss Q

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