Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

I'm so fed up with insecure ladies who can't endure another beautiful woman in their presence and who will try to drive off anybody they may consider as their rivalry. They'll demean, insult them to other people and will go on full passive-aggressive attack. These are the females that put the meaning to the term 'catfight'; Also these are the same exact women who say things as, "I won't hang out with other females; I don't trust/like them. I prefer guy friends only, you can tell them anything and they won't back-stab - and they keep secrets."

They strive to pass themselves off as confident, however when 'rivalry' shows up, that entire facade chips away and they become the petty animals they are. They derive all their feeling of self-worth from the attention of men, and if that male attention meanders to another they essentially can't adapt.

These females in some way or another are mistaking confidence with arrogance. A confident lady knows her identity, likes herself, is comfortable in her own skin, and doesn't feel threatened by other females. She doesn't compare herself with others and feels good acting naturally.

Arrogant women secure themselves by a weak shell of pseudo-certainty, always comparing themselves to other ladies and conceal their sentiments of mediocrity behind blistering assaults. The main way they can feel better about their own selves and rest easy is to disparage other women.

These females need male attention, any kind of male consideration they can get. They dress and behave in a way particularly intended to earn male interest, just like a job or a role in a play. Notwithstanding, when an alluring and genuinely beautiful female enters the picture either by walking in the room or passing by, these ladies feel that their stratagem and manipulative control can't compare to the authentic, genuine thing. It's a hoot to hear these sort of women blurt, "See how she's trying to get attention!" when all the woman is doing is just acting naturally - being herself.

There's much substance behind the old adage - "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Keep being Beautiful You, let them talk. Luckily, their problem is not yours to own and contend with.

Much Success! xx

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