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Be an Ace by Valuing Yourself

Accepting and valuing yourself is recognizing that you have inherent skills and personality that make you of value. It is not about being perfect or better than others; it is about accepting that you have as many faults as you have skills to be admired ---and it is also about living in alignment with your best, truest self.

Learning to truly care about ourselves and honoring our well-being is necessary for living up to our potential. It's not easy to do in 'one bite' and don't even try to----- be easy on yourself---it's a gradual, continual process.

1. Stop the comparisons

We like to compare ourselves to successful people and wonder why we cannot have it all.  Always keep in mind that everyone is different at different places when it comes to growth and development. 

2. Rejoice in your uniqueness

I've learned that being different from others doesn't necessarily mean that I am wrong or weird. So explore your strengths, personality, values, character, and preferences. Embrace your own uniqueness and abilities. The last thing you want to do anyway is blend in with the others and be a copy of them - don't be fake.

3. Learning to let go

Screw them! - We can't control what others talk or think about. But we can be responsible for our own actions and intentions. Instead of trying to control other people's perceptions and pleasing them, I suggest to focus more of your time and energy on living in a way that reflects your own positive personal values, being yourself and being grounded in what you believe - your values. One of my fave quotes is, "when you are a friend to all, you are a friend to none." Let that sink in for a moment.

4. Doing the unexpected

Sometimes we let our fear to hold us back from many things we want to do. I've realized that bravery isn't the absence of fear and fear doesn't just go away in a blink of an eye. So, I build a trust and have faith that all things are possible and that a failure isn't the end------ countless failures are only a part of the way to success. Work with your fear instead of letting it define you - fear is only our natural instinct that means our higher 'awareness centers' are working well to stay alert when we progress and move forward. Fear is not a "bad thing" once you understand why it is there and how it can be a great thing for you to work with.

Today, start to value yourself and begin to make self-acceptance a priority as you work toward becoming the best person you can be. It is your chance of living a more content, healthy and happier life!

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