Hi there, friend.

I've something a bit personal that I would like to share with you today.

From the social media messages and emails I've received as of late, the realization is starting to settle in for many that things in the world are changing and that everything just might be quite different once this is all over.

For many, this is turning out to be a mandatory and agonizing transformation. Most all of us have areas of our lives that we've wanted to change before the world pandemic hit. However, change is seldom simple and is often much harder on some than it is for others.

Regardless if it's money, health, or your relationships - breaking habits and behavioral patterns can feel extremely uncomfortable and requires a significant amount of focus, discipline, and effort. And this is exactly why many human beings do not change.

When circumstances beyond our control comes into play and forced change drifts into the picture, it can feel like the worst kind of pain of all because it was not asked for. Most especially, you were not prepared to deal with it. It wasn't expected. Similiar to an auto accident...

And then comes a viral pandemic. It crept in and stomped its big, ugly foot on everything from our social lives to the global economy, and left many feeling crushed, directionless, helpless...

These sort of events can feel undoubtably painful in the short-term because they're going to make you change fast - and it will put your resilience and tenacity to the test. This generally involves a full spectrum of emotions such as denial, grief, fear, panic, anger, depression, and hopelessness - to name a few.  

It's going to hurt like hell in the short-run, but here's what I would like you to know...

Things don't have to stay that way...

If you make a CHOICE to take full advantage of this as an opportunity by breaking the chains that have been holding you back to this point.

If you CHOOSE to set yourself free to CREATE yourself into the person you've always wanted to become.

This event, exactly right now, can be YOUR blessing in disguise.

I get it. I know, I know... You might be thinking... "Well, that sounds like a bunch of lollipops and sunshine Miss Quantum, but how in the fricken-frack do you CHOOSE to look at things in a positive light when you're watching the life you struggled so hard for is being destroyed?!"

Well, I've had the unforgettable experience of being cornered and forced to go through major changes and transformation. I lost my desire to want to stay awake. To think. To work. To workout. To eat. To socialize and reach out to others. To read, or write, or to create. I even lost my desire to live.

Everything in my life was destroyed. In a flash - I lost all of "me".

But that version of "me" that I felt grief over came with a lot of baggage. Baggage that I refused to deal with for years, and in some cases, a few decades.

Abuse, bullying, trauma, alienation, self-doubt, worthiness...yada, yada...

All the stuff, big or small, that we each swallow down and suppress in our own ways.

Simply stated, I was not inspired, willing, motivated, or disciplined enough to face and change those aspects of myself because they were still a part of me. I had zero focus - none, nada. And doing a personal inventory is not fun. It is something that hardly any of us want to do unless we absolutely must because it's an intimate look that tends to cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

Income? Gone. Housing? Gone. I was homeless. Family? Gone. All I had left was my kid, one real friend at a distance, and my own reflection that stared back at me in the mirror - and of course, a huge pile of my baggage. I was stripped of nearly everything...

It was 'change or die time'.

The next couple of years were extremely challenging and I had to completely transform by force whether I liked it or not. Right now, that same exact transformation by force might be here for you, whether you like it or not.

You have a choice to make.

You can choose to submit to being a victim, or you can make the choice to become a champion through change and by forced transformation.

To face your fears and to realize that you're going to be just fine no matter what happens.

I can pinky-promise you this----

This chaos is going to pass. It will end, and you will be okay.

Your life might look a bit different though.

You might lose everything you think you care about right now, however, in replacement you'll find a massive pile of something absolutely magnificent if you're willing to make the choice to see it.


Awesome days will be followed by some brutal days. Yet, after making a choice for opportunity, and as you zoom out over time and take a look, you'll see how you are moving in the beneficial direction you desire.

I am living proof that even after you've lost it all, you can rebuild!

It's proof that you can use adversity as your focus and fuel into your greatest source of strength.

And it's proof that no matter how horrible things may get, it is paramount to have faith that a better future you is waiting ahead to meet you with only one choice.

I was forced to change and to transform.

And even though I couldn't see it at the time, it gave me back infinitely more in return.

If you want to turn this experience into your opportunity to transform your life for the better, here are some practical actions you can use to begin today...start right now, here is HOW:

1. You must take control of your thoughts.

Turn off the news, stop obsessively scrolling your social media filling your brain with needless junk and mute anyone on social media that is feeding your fear. Fear keeps you cemented in a psychological space where you are only left with two options - fight, or freeze!

Neither of those will improve your life in any positive way or lead you to any sort of outcome you want. Next...

2. Journal with a *pen and paper* daily. I do it all the time - I've stacks of notebooks! Write down what you're feeling. Stay focused and continue to make actionable effort for better. You must be focused.

3. Jot down what you're discovering about yourself. Awareness is key for transformation.

4: Write down in your journal your vision for the new life you want to create in as much detail as possible. Goal setting don't cost a thing, it's FREE!-- so GOAL BIG. You're being given a second chance to start over exactly right now.

What do you want and what are you going to do?

5: Create a schedule and plan. Stop winging it, focus and structurize. Write down one or two things you can do tomorrow.

Focus, focus, focus - is key!

What skills do you need to learn or sharpen? What knowledge do you need? Who do you want to learn from?

6: Be actionable daily. It could be as simple as reading a chapter of a book, or completing a lesson in an online course, or going for a walk around your block to get some exercise, or changing your diet to be healthier, or creating the first 1200 words on that book you've always wanted to create.

Daily action creates reinforcement in the hypnotic rhythm within the Laws. If you have not checked out my videos on YouTube, I explain and speak in-depth about the hypnotic rhythm.

7: Patience. This will take longer than you want it to right now, but when it's over and you're looking back at this time, it will feel like a distant memory.

Exactly in front of you will be a new set of endless possibilities.

I know how it feels.

I've been there too.

And when this is all over, with focus and actionable effort, you're going to be better than you were before. It just might look and feel differently than you expected. And this is not a bad thing...

What we want hardly ever comes packaged in the way we expect it to arrive. Far too many lose opportunities due to this very reason. Don't miss yours.

Go get it, I'm rooting for you - always!


Miss Quantum xx

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