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11 Things To Give Up To Achieve the Life You Want

When we set a final destination goal on who we want to be and where we want to end up - often, we must remove some things in our life, and not add things to it. Everyone's definition of success and happiness varies, but as a general rule of thumb---the steeper the climb, the less you should pack and carry on your way up. Some are easy to let go of - others are not so easy to. Have I done these myself? Yes! You bet I have! Tried, tested & approved.

1. Think long-term.

Achieved and successful people keep this in their practices. This is not something that you do, it is something that you completely embody. Make your goals according to the best version of yourself and who you want to become. And then stick with it. Add or modify if you must, but never subtract from it.

2. Do not think small. Think BIG... -B--I--G!!

There is nothing at all that is enlightened about planning to stay batting in the little league. Plan to grab and tackle grandiose things by the jugular. It serves no purpose to you or the world for you to think on a miniature scale. Just imagine how the world can benefit from your skills and creativity! Small thinking only produces small results, at best.

3. Kick the fear to the gutter.

Do not be afraid to fail and do not be scared to succeed. The objective is to unleash your fullest potential - and you will have to push it up to the front line. You will learn new things about yourself and you need to keep on pushing yourself by continuing to pull yourself back up after tripping a few times---or a lot of times. When you feel fear, that means it's time to push again-- harder. Failures are a part of clawing your way to success.

4. Toss the excuses out the window.

How many times do you catch yourself saying that you will finally get to something tomorrow? "Tomorrow" is an imaginary place where everyone casually discards today's plans into. You can start out in small increments toward your goal(s). When my time or attention span is running tight, I adhere to the rule to spend a minimum of 15 minutes day toward a goal. Sometimes, baby steps is all it takes. Little. Baby. Steps. Own your life, no one will drop out of the sky and do all the work for you. You only have right now - Carpe Diem!

5. Give up on get-rich quick pipe-dreams and let go!

Overnight success happens to so few people. Successful people and people going through the rungs understand that every small step that you take becomes compounded and it all adds up to the results desired. The more you focus and concentrate in a desperate state of mind to win the Lotto, or hope to score big in the casino - the less likely it is going to happen. Living with a scarcity mindset only attracts more scarcity, this is accurate and correct...let go of that mindset. Think about it for a sec - most people who win the Lotto often find out many hours or days later because they forgot they even bought the ticket to begin with.

6. Give up the perfectionism.

This was a huuuuge one for me and I struggled with it because I enjoy things to be "just so." Nothing is ever perfect. Create and then concentrate on improving later. Opportunity will slide on by if you are putting off your creation due to being nit-picky and overly fussy. This is really a huge one and I learned a very difficult lesson in it...produce ---then go fix it up later!

7. Giving up people, places and things that do not support your happiness and goals.

To achieve little, you have to sacrifice little. The bigger your goals, the more cut-throat your sacrifices are going to be. No joke! There will be missed sleep, skipped events, lost friends, and social demands will have to be turned down to accomplish your goal. When everything begins to come into fruitation, it will all be worth it.

8. Break contact with the toxic people in your life.

If you normally hang with those who are negative, engage in unhealthy lifestyle and social choices, have no dreams or life aspirations, you and your success will eventually be sucked right down. Negativity pulls downward - period. Successful people generally surround themselves with others who are as positive, successful, or more successful than they are. Take a look around you and perform an inventory---see who may need to go.

9. Lose the need to be liked.

Some days you're the bug - and some days you're the windshield; you cannot please everyone and not everyone is going to take well to you. Think of yourself as a genre of music; not everybody likes jazz, or rap! Perhaps you are classic rock or country - there are plenty in that niche that will love you. Don't worry about the rest of them, just stay true to yourself and be authentic. Be real. Be raw! Screw the fake people! Stand in your values and do not follow the crowd!

10. Give up TV and regular appearances on personal social media.

Unless your business depends on TV or on your personal social media accounts; Focus converting over your personal time and attention that you spent on them to create and build business social media accounts---because it will be necessary if you want to be a success. Business social media accounts take far more patience and effort to build than personal social accounts - getting right on top of them as early as possible is wise.

11. Clear out the clutter.

Closets, garage, basement - everywhere. Off with the old and on with the new. Let go of everything that does not serve you anymore and/or carries a low vibrational frequency. Simplify and make room for your new life. Clutter is a Clog.

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