Where The Brilliance Of Spirituality, Intelligence & Success Intersect

I've been there, too, and know what it feels like to be in over your head while struggling and feeling stuck in misfortune and frustration. For many years my life was a train wreck and the struggle was insane while I sought answers on how to begin establishing balance and order. Perhaps just like you, I wanted to feel happy, inspired, motivated, and wake up to a life that I could feel proud of. My personal wake-up call and success started to grow at the expense of my health and some of my most valued relationships.

The turnaround for me happened when I realized that life is not about getting more things done, it has everything to do with getting the right things done. An introduction with what I wanted introduced itself when a lifestyle sync between thoughts, words, and actions occurred. More importantly, when I began to take full personal responsibility for my decisions and actions. My life has not been the same since, however, it doesn't become any less complicated with each new level. I continue to flourish in a never-ending learning experience & process - exactly like you! 

Miss Quantum is Kelly Harris, PhD (metaphysical science, not MD). She resides in the USA in Chicago, Illinois & Tampa, Florida. She is the founder of Epiastral Genetics and the master architect behind Q-Ki Essentials; the Universe's most advanced intimacy and youth enhancement energy treats. She is a mindset, mental health & suicide prevention speaker, multi-genre author, poet, and an ordained Interfaith minister. Positioning spirits to transcend in their human experiences, Miss Quantum holds a thermodynamic expertise in mental health for those distressed with bipolar I & II, and in the various stages of schizophrenia. Not to be mistaken with a light worker, Miss Quantum is the official front line spiritual citadel agent in the theater of war against humanity.


She dislikes conspiracy theories and football bores her.