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Who Is Lucy?

Lucy is Miss Quantum's 8-foot tall sorbet colored monkey. 

While Miss Quantum was out Christmas tree shopping with her friend 5-weeks before Christmas 2018, she stumbled across an overly crowded Walmart caged bin in the garden center. The cage was stuffed with around 10-12 large stuffed animals. Miss Quantum felt sorry for Lucy being stuck at the very bottom and was determined to rescue Lucy and give her a forever home. Her friend spent 10-minutes trying to talk her out of it and told her to just check out the Christmas trees so they could get out of there.

Miss Quantum said "NO WAY, forget the tree!" ... she and her friend climbed into the crowded bin to remove the other animals and saved Lucy.  They have been best buds ever since!

So, if you sleep with a stuffed animal & feel silly, join the club!

Please contact the below resources or 911 if you are suicidal or in crisis.