Dear Miss Q & Lucy will be published twice weekly by video to both YouTube and Miss Quantum's website afterward. Please subscribe to YouTube and hit the Notification Bell.
Dear Miss Q & Lucy is only available for those aged 18+.
Not every topic is suitable. If your own or the life of another is at risk, if you feel suicidal, self-harm or are experiencing severe mental health difficulties, then please seek medical or crisis support, or your medical practitioner. In such circumstances Miss Quantum will not provide advice for these issues and will only select topics that are qualified.
Do not submit topics which may be time-sensitive.
Keep submission brief to one or two paragraphs of approximately 500-800 words. Submissions may be edited to fix grammar or sentence structure for reading without changing the message meaning.
Do not submit any identifying information. Indicate how you would like your name to appear (or not). 
MISSQUANTUM.COM retains all rights to Miss Quantum's responses, verbal and print published, which may not be used in any form elsewhere without explicit and written consent. Please view Permissions.
Team Quantum will not engage in any subsequent dialogue per any submission received or response given. Do not email asking if it has been read or if/when it will be on the show or the submission will be deleted. Miss Quantum ensures an even selection of topics and it could be a few days or a few weeks if yours is selected. The video will be on YouTube (subscribe here) and Miss Quantum's blog soon afterward.
You understand that Dear Miss Q & Lucy is not a substitute for legal or medical advice, therapy, or counseling. You understand that MISSQUANTUM.COM is not responsible for any action taken as a result of guidance provided through Dear Miss Q & Lucy or A Redemption Show. 

Please contact the below resources or 911 if you are suicidal or in crisis.

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