You have great ideas and goals. You are committed to create and begin to take action to achieve them and—you ache to see the results. But you’re not just looking for temporary success, or a band-aid, or to just listen to more coddling-BS and circular-talk on how to arrive at your destination. You're fed-up with feeling fed-up, and sad over feeling sad. Your time and patience are valuable and you feel eager to grow and supercharge right now into your happiness.

What You Want

Wisdom. Splendour. Victory. Strength. Understanding.

Multidimensional success and bougie that sticks; individual, real and raw growth. This really matters. Your upward mobility improves your life and enriches the lives of everyone around you. Respect, courage, integrity-----to leave your honor and a legacy that will be left in the hearts and memories of others. You understand there is no time to waste; the 'tomorrow' you said you'd get around to yesterday has arrived and is here right now, today. 

You can't put your finger on it, but it just feels like something is standing in your way----sound familiar?


I've been there, too.

My name is Kelly Harris PhD; a recovering Black Sheep. I know what it feels like to be in over your head while struggling and feeling stuck in misfortune and frustration. For several years my life was a train wreck and the struggle was chaotic while I sought answers on how to begin establishing balance and order. Like you, I wanted to feel happy, inspired, motivated, and wake up to a life that I can feel proud of. My personal and professional success started to grow at the expense of my health and some of my most valued relationships.

The turnaround for me happened when I realized that life is not about getting more things done, it has everything to do with getting the right things done. An introduction with harmony introduced itself when a lifestyle sync between thoughts, words, and actions occurred. More importantly, when I began to take full personal responsibility and ownership for my decisions and actions. My life has not been the same since. 

I continue to flourish in a never-ending learning and growth process. I am in my 40's and I reside in the United States in Tampa Bay, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. I am a mom to an amazing late-20's gentleman and I am owned by a cosmic cat. Inclined with a specialty energy expertise in mental health for those suffering with bipolar I & II and in the various stages of schizophrenia, I'm a Divine Agent (not a 'lightworker'), the founder and energy architect of Q-Ki Essential and Epiastral Genetics, a suicide prevention specialist, multi-genre author, speaker, and a licensed interfaith ordained minister. Conspiracy theories annoy me and football bores me.

Can I Help You Do The Same?

Not another 'guru' or 'leader'. 

Not a lightworker. I am Miss Quantum. 

If you want me to.

My presence is to assist you in gaining clarity, courage, and sharing all the tools necessary to help stop the bleeding of unnecessary chaos and to begin living with a sharp focus to align into the real you. The you that you crave to be so that you may succeed with a teflon-tough strength and endurance in all areas of your life. Also, to be confident and secure in your own skin so that you will stop feeling as if you are merely existing and living your life for the approval of others and who they want you to be.


I'm not everyone's cup of tea, thank goodness. While my big, fat heart is sincere and in a good place, sometimes my attitude and mouth are just as big and fat, too. Take what you'd like to learn from me and throw the rest out. Bold, turbo-charged, and tenacious; I exercise all of my real and raw facets. I may be difficult to swallow for some at times; my essence has best been described as 'ketchup on ice cream'. I am The Universe Maverick and The Divine Cimarron, after all!  


I concentrate on individual thought, values, self-esteem, success, courage, social issues, integrity, ethics, relationships, and whatever might strike my fancy. Unapologetically, I delight in challenging and warring with evil and any adversarial energies that may have a vested interest to cause decay and amorality in human beings, their spiritual bodies, and in humanity. I love to love and I love to fight.

Made with #LOVE for you & our future.

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