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There's fragility in life. Use free time meaningfully. Time is not to be taken for granted. Hug your family and friends tighter and step out of comfort zones to envelope those who may have none. Work on relationship building. Tell others you care. Make up with those you've fought with and spread love. Use free time kindly and meaningfully. Learn a skill and grow. Make someone's day. Treat yourself well.

- Miss Quantum

To love is not to give of your riches 

but to reveal to others their riches, their gifts, their value, 

and to trust them and their capacity to grow. 

- Jean Vanier, The Broken Body: Journey to Wholeness

Gifting to others can sometimes end up being tricky.  Especially when the ones you're giving to just may be considered low income or destitute. There can be an unusual power contrast present. A state of mind of 'I'm doing something worth being thankful for. 'You are welcome' and the pleasure is all mine.'  And then our so-called guilt is relieved, and we move forward.

Consider the possibility that if our intentions and behaviors were to rather demonstrate a genuine promise and commitment to people?

Yes, truly, we have fundamental needs that should be met - so I'm not suggesting that we quit giving garments, food and nourishment, or cash to one another. It would be ideal if you keep it up. In any case, in the event that you stop there, you could miss something.

It requires a compassionate affection and a radical type of love to advance out of your customary range of familiarity to have a special discussion with somebody, particularly if that somebody is part of a different or alternate social class; Interactions with them might seem awkward or difficult at first. Their growing to be vulnerable with you and you in growing to be vulnerable with them will ease and feel more comfortable.

It is this kind of relationship that enables and holds much empowerment.  It is helpful and feels special to be given hand-ups, but it is very nice to be known and to have another to see that you are strong, solid, talented, and gifted.  And to know that those words have credibility because a person who knows you can point to times that you have demonstrated that loving skill and kindness.

Relationships are sometimes messy, or complicated, or difficult, yet, amazing stories of worlds colliding and the profound goodness that can come from a partnership is beautiful. Love that.

So, my friends, let us care about and love others by being generous not only with our riches, but also with our vulnerability and ability to recognize goodness in each other.

Reaching out to someone who is new and different from you can feel quite overwhelming, so start with the connections that you have now.  How can you help them remember the gift blessings and endowments they have been given?

Be valiant. Become more compassionately acquainted with individuals. Get to know them for who they are and not for who you want them to be - listen to what they enjoy, what their dreams or goals are - and what skills they possess, or would like to learn. Cherish them for who they are - who they are in their own identity.

Reach out and help others grow.

Always rooting for you! Miss Q

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When I was a teen, the basic height of porn at the 'social acceptance' level was a Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse and Hustler magazines ---and the height of what was considered to be 'courageous' was working up the nerve to get the copy in hand. I grew up in a small'ish to medium town where everyone knew each other's business and pretty much anything you did got back to your parents and discipline was quick to surface and direct.

The entire thing back then was more a high school "soul changing" experience than base debasement. After our military-style clandestine sneaky buy and a long trek out into the wide open fields where snooping eyes couldn't achieve, my girlfriends and I giggled with our hands over our mouths looking over the pages of the naked men playing tennis or golf with their mischievous male-bits obscured out. Don't roll your eyes, it was the 1980's and we thought we were really cool. :)

These days, hard porn [and much worse] is only a quick click away on their computers or phones and as a parent it is really concerning what young curious minds are easily being exposed to in the privacy of their bedrooms. I do also understand at the same time that parents throughout the generations have always worried and chances are that things will turn out alright.

While society is now more liberal than it was way back then, it is also more strict. While crude and vulgar images and more are easily accessible, social rights and the rules of political correctness are becoming more grounded. Also, the framework of parental controls and keystroke monitoring [and logs] are only a tick away, as well.

Communication is paramount with children - it is vital - they must be guided with good and fair values and not left on their own for the internet or social media to babysit and raise them into adulthood.

Growing up today seems to be a minefield of chance, where enticement seems to be on the rise, however outcomes and consequences can be more noteworthy still. Now more than ever before, it is extremely urgent to instill good, clean Christlike-minded values into young children as the information via the internet and on television becomes more unapologetic and 'in their face.'

My son is an adult now, however, in the past while he was growing up, when I had detected and identified transgressions, rather than descending into anger I used these situations as an opportunity to open his eyes to SEE and UNDERSTAND. When he was young, we were at the starting point or beginning crawl of the internet age when AOL and Myspace were "the must-be places" - pretty much the same how Twitter and Facebook are to us today.

Poking the penny of grown-up duty is necessary and is an obligation.

Adult responsibility cannot be put to the wayside and it cannot be allowed to slip - unless you would like to be face-to-face with the misfortune and terrible consequences of this neglect. Being lazy or careless with enforcing values into children is dangerous to their well being and the price for not doing so can be ----an absolute nightmare.

Discussing discernment, how to question everything, modesty, cleanliness, decency and what is right and wrong.

What is right has always been right, and what is wrong will always be wrong - [there is no "old fashioned" about it]----is a conversation that must be had with children while young and consistently enforced throughout their adolescence.

Teach children values of respect and integrity; Teach them about having a healthy sense of dignity. They will still do things we'd prefer they do not, of course - that is a part of growing up---we learn from our failures, trials and tribulations----and you can help as a parent or guardian to try to lesson the blow on those. When you instill good, solid values in them---you can know that eventually they're likely to return to the good, core values set that are at the heart of what is necessary for all personal, business, and social successes.

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One of the absolute easiest ways of minimizing and justifying another person's actions is by throwing on a cape and taking a flying leap atop the moral high ground.

Up, up ----and away! Let's go!

This is exactly how it happens...

First you take offense at something and become angry, feeling jilted, and insulted at something someone else does or says. This then allows you to find cause to blame the other for "making you feel like this." Then you double down with intensifying anger, blame and wind yourself up like a toy.

This could be over a decision that you feel you have a right to claim an ownership in, or not - no matter. It must only be a tiny thing that does not align with your values or morals - or it could be an understandable, slight mistake.... you only need a sliver of a crack into which to stick your lever so that it can be inserted and dug into, turning molehills into mountains.


At that point you know you dislike whatever it is - so you feel slighted, vexed, insulted ---and you are feeling really offended. This at that point enables you to accuse the other for "making you feel" like this. So you two-fold down with a heightening annoyance and fault the other person for "getting you twisted up."

To wrap it up...

You reason that the other individual must be rebuffed or punished. To be sure, it is your obligation to see that it is enforced that they pay dearly, in some way, for their horrible disappointment(s). So now you can scrap assentions, be unkind or generally act in manners that reason them trouble or gives you a chance to act totally egotistically and with foolish pride.

It appears a pathetic, tragic activity, however huge numbers of people do this, somehow and shockingly--- quite regularly-----especially within the "I do not judge" and "Coexist" crowds!

Without a doubt, it can turn into a propensity, giving us a simple method to dodge obligation and behave egotistically. We as a whole look to legitimize what we do, regardless of whether we furtively know it isn't right.

What's more, faulting others is a straightforward method to do this.

Works like magic!

And it is ... gross.

Miss Q

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